‘Voting For Mugabe’s Zanu PF Regime Is Voting For Poverty’- Social Commentators Warn

A social Commentator has warned that when people continue to vote for the ruling Zanu PF they mean to say the are endorsing poverty for their lives.

Lancelot Dzehonye through his Facebook post said it impossible for Zimbabwe to become a right country whilst Zanu PF hold the stirring and it is impossible for it to revive the nation even now.

“I don’t know or understand the prevailing wind or evil spirits that occurs during the campaigning seasons towards elections days in Zimbabwe,” he said.  “Most majority become confused turning to forget what they want as an outcome of going to elections.”

He  said people must acknowledge that what they grow is what they reap.

“If put your vote for Zanu PF, you vote for poverty, despite the fake promises you are given during campaigning days. People must wake up to know their point of mistakes before they put their life in un ending grief.”

President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF have ruled Zimbabwe for the past 35 years and are blamed for the economic crisis that has rocked the nation for so long but it appears he (Mugabe) is not yet ready to live power soon.- Source-bulawayo24

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