VP Mohadi says overpopulation in municipalities has outgrown water and sewer reticulation systems and can no longer serve the people sufficiently.

VP Mohadi says overpopulation in municipalities has outgrown water and sewer reticulation systems and can no longer serve the people sufficiently.
It is in theory impressive that the Vice President Kembo Mohadi, openly acknowledges that Zimbabwe cities have the challenges of their Municipalities working with poor outdated, out of service sewer and water reticulation systems and that there is an urgent need to overhaul these sewer and water systems so the Water Service Delivery can be able to service the population.
Refuse is disposed of in dump sites, in need of upgrading, so that waste is appropriately disposed of , recycled, plastics production and all plastic packaging phased out because it pollutes the environment, poses a danger to livestock and animals that ingest the plastic and is a danger to human health, and climate.
The people’s indifference to cleanliness in their environment, lack of clean-up across the whole nation is an indicator of the lack of diseregard the people of Zimbabwe hold towards, sewage, water reticulation, plastic pollution and the climate.
Service Delivery is key to the quality of life led by citizens in any nation. Zimbabwe has for decades faced poor or no service delivery under the oppressive initially Mugabe led Zanu pf now Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf regime.
Lest you forget, Mugabe is gone forever but nothing has changed, what he created through his oppressive, draconian, ruthless, blood thirsty corrupt Zanu pf with his right hand man and clone Mnangagwa for over fifty years is in place, ever more strong and repressive as his clone Dambudzo Mnangagwa is now in charge. How ironic that Dambudzo means a problem, certainly appropriately named. Zimbabweans should never fear discussing the real cause of the problems, such as Mugabe, he might be dead but it doesnt excuse his horrendous rule, tyrrany, blood thirsty reign, death, murders destruction, torture, dissappearances, forced exile> We must always acknowledge the source and then work from there in how to dismantle the system as we need to get the nation to a point where the majority acccept that uner Zanu pf , its alife f suffering and that Zanu pf and Mnangagwa militarised regime must all go and the military must return to barracks, they have no place in a democratic government.! The system must be fully dismantled from Mnangagwa the top man down to the most basic structures at village level such as the Zanu pf Herdman and rural areas must be opened to opposition and activist campaigns as this is an area traditionally closed off because its the Zanu pf stronghold. 2023 is too far for us to wait, we need action now towards this.
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