VP Uses Road, While Grace Uses Two Helicopter Convoy & Confirms Presidential Bid

Speaking at a rally in Rushinga the First Lady, Grace Mugabe, gave one of her clearest hints to date saying that she was mounting her rallies because she did not want to wait until the 2018 elections, as people would then be entitled to ask her where she would have been all along- a statement that insiders said exposed her presidential ambitions.

And as if to confirm that even VP Phelekezela Mphoko is not at her level, Grace went to the Mashonaland Central rally in a convoy of two helicopters, while the VP went there by road, in addition to being asked to introduce his supposed junior to the crowds.

An entourage of at least as dozen ministers, an estimated 50 legislators and hundreds of other ruling party bigwigs accompanied her to the Rushinga rally.Source: dailynews

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