Warning:-Hands off Security Sector Issues, Security forces, Succession & Commander-in-Chief Defence Forces!

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe , yesterday said journalists should not meddle in security sector issues, urging them to appreciate the peace and freedom the forces ensure in the country.
Officiating at the Herald editorial end-of-year party at Meikles hotel in Harare yesterday, Dr Mushohwe said some journalists were losing their way by treading into sensitive security sector matters.
“Some of the media houses seem not to understand which forests to tread in and which forests not to tread in. There are some of our journalists who are now getting lost in sacred forests.
“I advise them that while they may be allowed to play around carelessly the sacred forests of security sector should never be tampered with. You should never tread into those areas and, as Government, we will not allow anybody to cause despondency or divisions through issues of succession and factionalism. You are not doing yourself any justice,” he said.
Dr Mushohwe said journalists should not use the excuse that President Mugabe talked about security forces and succession saying, the Head of State and Government was speaking as the Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and no journalist could equate him/herself to that lofty office.
“A mere journalist cannot equate himself or herself to President Mugabe. He is President and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces. Let us not start poking our noses into the security sector. This is not a threat, but loving advice. You should not start a war that you are not able to finish.
“If you enter a river infested with crocodiles what do you think will happen to you?” he said.
Minister Mushohwe urged journalists and the public to honour the peace prevailing in Zimbabwe and advised them not to disturb the peace and security through reckless reporting.
He said journalists should have some limits.
“A pencil cannot be greater than security. A pencil must know its limits and those who direct pencils must know where to direct pencils. Even the opposition knows that when there is no peace there is no opposition politics to talk about,” he said.
He applauded Zimpapers for inviting him to the end-of- year party which he said gave him the opportunity to meet with the rest of the editorial team.
He said it took him a long time to visit the newsrooms as he was still learning about the industry.
“I am no longer as ignorant as I was before I joined the industry.
Dr Mushohwe applauded Zimpapers for excelling in the media industry despite the economic challenges facing the country.
“Even if Zimpapers, particularly The Herald, you are grappling with economic challenges, you are still the prime newspaper. You still command the highest market share compared to others.
“Now you face stiff competition from the electronic media and social media and you should be innovative and think outside the box to keep yourself afloat,” he said.
Zimpapers Editor Mr Caesar Zvayi said the Herald editorial team had managed to excel as a team.
At the party outstanding journalists in 2015 were rewarded. Those voted best reporters in 2015 were Edison Chikamhi, who scooped the best senior reporter award while Samantha Chigogo walked away with a prize for being the best junior reporter in 2015. Photographer Innocent Makawa was voted the best photographer in 2015. by Elita Chikwati. Source: Herald
photo-nehandaradio-Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe

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