WATCH: Tytan and Olinda’s +HIV status aired,..Interesting relationship drama! says HIV/AIDS epidemic across the developing countries, is a major public concern associated with-related human rights including the right to life; the right to liberty and security of the person; the right to the highest attainable standard of mental and physical health; the right to non-discrimination, equal protection and equality before the law; the right to freedom of movement; and more. HIV is a disease that is treated in the first world because of such civilised mentality.
HIV patients are probably healthier than someone who lives a life where they don’t regularly visit doctors for check ups, attention to arising issues and more unlike those who are never looked at until they fall severely ill, collapse and become hospitalised or die, never knowing their status. In this day and age, couples and anyone sexually active, should regularly get HIV checks and the best way of doing such health checks is for both parties involved to be transparent from the start, have checks carried out together and work as a team in health matters.
There is no point in seeking to go public and shame partners as witnessed here, but instead be mature, be the bigger person, consider children and all else around your relationship. seek help including counselling and support services. HIV is not a crime, neither is it anyone’s choice to have it. Let us show consideration for this dysfunctional relationship and build them the right way as in Zimbabwe, there is no family that can lay claim to never having either directly suffered HIV related problems or never having been associated with an AIDs sufferer or affected by the AIDs epidemic. Only immature, irresponsible people seek to look at such a matter as a laughing matter.

Things have gotten from bad to worse in the Olinda and Tytan Saga. Tytan and her lawyer went through with airing their show to expose Olinda Chapel.
During the interview, Tytan talked about all the abuse and how he has been struggling with overcoming his relationship breakdown with O.C.
As if that was not enough, Tytan and her lawyer Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya went on to disclose Olinda Chapel’s H.I.V status on social media.
Tytan claims he did not know about her status when they first got together but later found out during the marriage and started taking Pre- Exposure- Pephalaxis (PreP) to avoid contracting the virus. – youtube, byo 24
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