WE HAVE the numbers for civil disobedience, peaceful protest, force out the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, now, no waiting for 2023!

The leader of the MDC Alliance, Nelson Chamisa and his MDC lieutenants claim that they fear for their lives, as the ruthless militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime has them all under 24-hour surveillance. It is alleged that the regime is in panic over potential mass protests against President Emmerson Mnagagwa’s militarised Zanu pf regime.
Chamisa now travels at night, does not disclose his whereabouts or safe house locations or movements in fear for his life, further claiming that his place of residence is a secret and only a few trusted friends know the location.
Chamisa stated that “My travelling at night has a reason, when we travel, we do not publicise it because we are always in danger. We are swimming in a river full of crocodiles.”
“When you are swimming amongst crocodiles, you have to make sure that they will only see you when you have crossed the river and are on the other side.”
Zimbabweans need to engage in nonviolent action and Strategies and instigate mayhem and total collapse of the Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf regime through relentless anti-government activism and help opposition establish regime change in the country.
We need to desist from violent protests and instead fight to strengthen democratic institutions” in the country, to help dismantle the Zimbabwe militarised Zanu pf state security system , thereby establish a transitional authority in Zimbabwe as the MDC ALLIANCE is not a party but a group of parties coming together to tackle the crisis. For a party to be formed, they must first break away from the alliance and then leave their political parties then register their new party.
At the moment, we need to keep the nation united under the umbrella of the MDC ALLIANCE led by Nelson Chamisa, dismantle state security apparatus, establish a transition political system which would stabilise Zimbabwe and prepare for general elections within a year of removing the ruthless militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, where alliance members can then revert to their original parties and fight each other in a democratic, fair election.
I have always said,that the priority at the moment is to unseat the authoritarian regime using peaceful means and we can only manage this by working together because we all face a common enemy, the ruthless militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime. We can only unseat them with peaceful relentless massive protests, including sit-ins, go slow in offices, student protests, civil disobedience and online activism such as the platforms we have in place for people to engage in debate on transparency, democracy, human rights, good governance, girl child, equality, employment, housing, healthcare, gender, roads, water, transport, electricity and other issues directly affecting the lives of the ordinary street person.
An informed public, is better placed to make the right, progressive choices and decisions such as in voting and better their lives. I confidently assure the nation, that an informed society is a real game changer, as I have engaged in massive information dissemination from as far back as the mid 90s writing, translating, editing, publishing and disseminating paphlets, posters, books and training grassroots communities in all these areas, which I widely published in titles such as ESAP on the economy, The Police and your rights, Voting, Land issue, unsurprisingly key issues of concern which I forewarned the nation as far back as the early 1990s soon after University before moving into a Projects Officer running the Civic Education department.
I have always been aware of the inherent threats, harrassment, bullying, hostilities, abuse, violence, injury, dissapearances, and deaths associated with the stance I took up from my days at University of Zimbabwe in the early 1990s against the ruthless Mugabe militarised Zanu pf regime, now the Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf regime.
I have always known that we are working with a deceitful Zanu pf regime from the days of Mugabe through to Mnangagwa and so, I maintain that we can only pressurise the Mnangagwa regime into concessions if we the people as protestor, make Zimbabwe ungovernable. Grassroots mobilization and use of the media to share information as it develops, engage the people in debate using the internet across social and mainstream media. The Zimbabwe community have the numbers and we cannot sit back and assume waiting for 2023 elections will bring any change.
It is important for us, the people as we hold the power to bring change, to destabilise the system through peaceful protest as stated above, simply make Zimbabwe ungovernable, then the MDC ALLIANCE, not particular political parties, must hold round table talks with the military security sector’s top hierarchy and assure them that they will have immunity from prosecution for past crimes against humanity, assure them that their farms, mines and other businesses and properties are safe and they will not be forcibly grabbed off them if they step aside for the MDC ALLIANCE transitional authority and return to barracks, where the military belongs.
ON NEW WWW. ZIMBABWE VISION platforms, people freely debate their opinions, comments, misgivings, suggestions or other with respect to issues directly affecting the future of the ordinary people. These matters include, transparency, accountability, good governance, equality, human rights, equality, youth, gender, employment, housing, electricity, water and other issues that directly affect the people. Join the debate across new zimbabwe vision platforms where everyone’s views matter and we welcome everyone irrespective of tribe, race, religion, gender, political or religious orientation.
Zimbabweans must remember that since the adoption of its 2013 Constitution, Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, namely Chewa, Chibarwe, English, Kalanga, Koisan, Nambya, Ndau, Ndebele, Shangani, Shona, sign language, Sotho, Tonga, Tswana, Venda, and Xhosa. On new zimbabwe vision platformes, we respect everyone’s opinions, encourage respectful debate, equality and amicable debate through using a common language English, for all, in recognition of the millions of diaspora Zimbabweans spread out across the diaspora, the diaspora raised children, extended families and intermarriage between various tribe and races therefore, we always encourage the use of a common language of communication for transparency in all our debate.We also strongly discourage the use of phone text language in our articles, so that everyone understands the debate. I thank you. Please join our platforms and encourage friends and family to join the debate open to all.
Zimbabwe needs to engage in civil disobedience and peacefully shut down the country and make it an ungovernable nation for President Emmerson Mnangagwa (76) and level the play field . The people of Zimbabwe need to act or shut up and stomach the suffering, deal with it directly as we cannot expect outsiders to come in and do so for us!
There is no room for fear! The biggest mistake by Mnangagwa’s militarised Zanu pf regime is to offer compensation to white farmers for the loss of their farms. Its amazing that the government would contemplate compensation for white commercial farmers , the majority who acquired that land through inheritance from their ancestors who forcibly removed and dispossessed original black land owners when they violently killed and removed them from fertile farmland on the infertile low rainfall tribal trust lands otherwise known as rural areas. Blacks are emotional about this, that their ancestors were robbed of their legacy by whites, who continue to jeorpadise the blacks as they are compensated for losing farmland which by right did not belong to them as their anscestors robbed and killed blacks for the land. Blacks are still waiting for compensation for injustices of colonisation yet Mnangagwa has sidelined blacks to instead compensate whites for what did not belong to their ancestors,…just another view by suffering blacks,..what do you think?
As if thats not enough, kombis have raised fares by 100 percent from US$1,50 to US$3 from the CBD to some suburbs including Chitungwiza and Malborough and the Inflation rate is now 75%, while the Chinese have always failed to honour according reports, a massive multimillion dollar funding to Zimbabwe on the basis that it was a deal offered to the Mugabe Zanu pf regime and is now irrelevant under the Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime.
I have places where upon arrival Im flagged up as a person of interest due to my absolute defiance to oppressive authority, global reach across mainstream and social media, influence on matters and ability to articulate issues and present them accordingly. I will never be silenced by oppressive authority, if anything at all, it is exactly the fuel that drives my resistance to oppression such as Mnangagwa’s militarised Zanu pf regime stealing the people’s vote to install Mnangagwa as Zimbabwe’s president. Now Mnangagwa is pleading with the Zimbabwe diaspora community to come back home to Zimbabwe and help rebuilding the nation’s dead economy,…Rubbish!
This was the message by Mnangagwa at the country’s 39th Independence Day celebrations where he unleashed the traditional Zanu pf scrap economic sanctions mantra.
Mnangagwa said “I am aware that a notable part of our citizens are currently spread across the Diaspora. The raft of reforms we have started should enable some of them to return home and assist in building our nation.
“On foreign relations, the engagement and re-engagement policy with all countries in the international community, based on mutual respect, is progressing well. Various strategic engagements have resulted in the signing of numerous bilateral cooperation agreements and concrete investments.
“We, however, call for the unconditional removal of the illegal and unjustified economic sanctions imposed on us so that our nation can realise its full developmental potential, free from any hindrances.”
www.newzimbabwevision.com says, wake up Zimbabwe! The reason why iI have always warned that the removal of mugabe and replacing him with Mnangagwa, is no reason to celebrate because, Mnangagwa is mugabe’s clone. lest you forget , Zimbabwe’s Independence Day celebrations came at a time Zimbabwe is experiencing a sharp increase in prices of basic commoditie, private schools sharply raising fees , and people becoming poorer by the day.
Bread and maize-meal prices have also risen sharply, after last week’s government grain producer prices rise. This is why i said, do not join in the independance celebrations. Let Mnangagwa and the military go to heroes acre for the celebrations. The diaspora must disregard the call by Mnangagwa to come back home.
We are also warned that the murderous, blood thirsty (ZNA) Zimbabwean National Army are the same spirit as www.newzimbabwevision.com, absolute defiance to oppressive authority. I have always warned that Zimbabwe is a filthy rich nation with a massive expanse of farming land, minerals, well educated yet unemployed people and billions stashed in offshore accounts and foreign investments.
It is false to claim, as they have said that, now the Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf regime is fed up with civilians who are sabotaging the economy and will soon reign them in.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs General (Rtd) Sibusiso Busi Moyo , claims that the ongoing price hikes in Zimbabwe, are a result of indiscipline by Zimbabweans. This is the time that we must all unite against a common evil, the Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf regime.
He has warned that the Mnangagwa militarised regime will move in to enforce discipline although initially, they did not want to be hard-handed on the people. lest you forget, these are the same people who, believed in rubbing portions of human blood, leaves, animal and human parts and so forth to allegedly dodge Rhodesian bullets,….NONSENSE!
Mnangagwa’s militarised Zanu pf regime is just an evil blood thirsty regime, who beleive that the nation is full of minerals underground generated by the people the bury in genocides, eg 20,000 Ndebele’s during the in gukurahundi genocide, the Chiadzwa genocide, the Murambatsvina genocide, the white farmer genocide and all political violence and elimination of both opposition and opponents.
Lest you are in confusion, Mnangagwa’s militarised Zanu pf regime are a blood thirsty regime, who will all they can to hold onto power and wealth and protect themselves from facing prosecution for their past crimes. It doesnt come as a surprise that two years after they removed the despot Mugabe from office, the Zanu pf criminals are wealthier and they rewarded the murderous Mugabe with US$10 million golden handshake and immunity from prosecution. The reason they did this , is that they knew that while Mugabe is guilty for all crimes, they were equally responsible because they were complicit in all genocides, so when mugabe falls, the whole system has to come down for people to appreciate that there is genuine change.
We as, Zimbabweans must unite against them and force the Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf regime out, then and only then can we have democracy, transparent elections and settle the future amicably at the ballot.
As long as the diaspora are treated like they are not Zimbabwean enough by the ‘better blacks,..erm thieves’ then lets finish off what we started two decades ago against Mugabe, the system must fall! many have lost their lives along the way, but we all owe it to their memory and the future of all our children, black, coloured, white, any race, religion, political orientation, gender or other grouping, to be the wrecking ball and bring down the system. I personally have publicly stood in absolute defiance to this regime from as far back as the early 1990s at University and if it means ramping up our fight against oppressive authority, then so be it. We cannot fall at the last hurdle by dropping our guard now,..Mnangagwa’s militarised Zanu pf regime must fall!
I have spent three decades in massive information dissemination of materials, I published including posters, paphlets, booklets on human rights, good governance, the girl childe, democracy, accountability, equality, voting, housing, the police, military, economy, emploment, housing and numerous issues that directly affect the lives of the ordinary people , black, coloured, white, any race, any tribe, religion, gender, political orientation or any grouping, to give them a more informed view of matters on the ground, so that they can make better informed decisions and choices in life. We all need to do this in order to protect the future of all our children and descendants. There is no room for fear!
Before making any rash decisions, look far ahead and ask yourself, is it worth it, removing the children you have raised in the diaspora, in democratic societies, with access to education, health care, housing, employment, equal opportunities, Respect for the Rule of law and university education, all opportunities that dont exist for you the adult, with the experience of such a broken society. Why would you want your children to then walk away from the once in a lifetime opportunities to go into a mnangagwa, militarised regime led nation.
Even more disconcerting is the fact that, by Zimbabwean law, you are not entitled to dual citizenship and therefore you must denounce your other nationalities, for you to be recognised as a Zimbabwean. It defies all logic that the same people who are denied dual citizenship, are expected to help rebuild a nation that does not recognise them. This is the same nation, that denies the diaspora the right to vote.
We need Mnangagwa to address the dual citizenship issue, diaspora voting rights, missing people like Itai Dzamara, removal of draconian laws such as POSA and AIPPA and above all the military must be returned back to barracks where they belong. We need to demilitarise the state and return it to civilian rule. The Gukurahundi issue must be addresed too. There are countless issues I can list.
The country has no currency of its own and no foreign currency in the cashless banks. The only way forward is to remove the Mnangagwa, militarised regime all the way from the top which is President Emmerson Mnangagwa down to the village herdman. the whole system that Mugabe set up, must be dismantled. We have lost too many innocent people, lost livelihoods, pensions, a whole generation, thousands to Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, Chiadzwa and white farmer genocides, that it makes no sense to back down now. We need to ramp up the fight by slowing down the system, peacefully go to work, do nothing behind the desk or do it as slow as you can, never finishing, just make it an ungovernable nation.
Mnangagwa has no choice but to seek dialogue with all opposition including the leading MDC opposition led by Chamisa. The people have the power to bring change by peacefully demonstrating through civil disobedience. Zanu pf can pretend all is well but the system is breaking. We know that Mnangagwa himself is no longer a favourite in his own Zanu pf camp and it wont be long before the usual Zanu pf blood thirsty party start eliminating each other,..they did it to Mugabe, and nothing can stop them doing the same to Mnangagwa.
They are growing old and dont trust each other, so , they are heading for total collapse eventually. We just need to help them by destabilising the nation through civil disobedience, let the sanctions bite further until they accept its an ungovernable nation and we hold a transparent election with international observers and unlock the International investment . Mnangagwa for now is allowed to dream, but no diaspora Zimbabwean is foolish enough to trust Zanu pf! Make it an ungovernable nation for President Emmerson Mnangagwa (76)and level the play field.
Lest you forget, militarised regimes come into power by the gun and are not removed by ballot. The only way forward for Zimbabwe, is civil disobedience, peacefully slow down and shut down the system and make the nation ungovernable. With this pressure and no foreign investment, sanctions , international preesure and diaspora voices against the oppressive regime, they can hold onto power, but we will not get to 2023. They will eventually be forced to negotiate with the opposition who represent the suffering Zimbabweans.
The people dont know their real power. The only way forward is to give them assurance that they will not be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity. With this immunity from prosecution, protection of their farms, mines, businesses and looted wealth, they will come to terms with the reallity that we the people will not accept a military regime. We want civilian rule restored and that means, they must fall. Zimbabweans must realise that we should be willing to initially lose out with respect to wealth and the opportunity to lock them up, but that is small compared to the opportunity to rebuild Zimbabwe with them out of the way. Its certainly less the most peaceful way of removing this regime,..wake up Zimbabwe!.Sibusiso Ngwenya
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