‘We supply Prophet Magaya With Anointing Oil’, Say Two Malawi Traditional Healers

We supply Magaya with anointing oil, Malawi traditional healers say Two Malawian traditional healers have claimed that they have a contract to supply Prophet Walter Magaya with popular anointing oil. Chibagali Bagga Kalumbi aged 35 and Nasir Namampetiwa (34) are facing three counts of fraud for allegedly duping desperate a woman of US$300 000. The pair had told Joyleen Munduna to invest in their business. Munduna had reportedly engaged the pair to help her bring back her long lost lover. She had met the pair through a newspaper notice. Prosecutor Progress Maringomoyo said Munduna was told by the pair to pay $50 consultation fee and told to return the following day as they needed tom consult their spirits overnight. The following day, she was told that she needed to have some evil spirits cast out. That would cost her US$1200 and two goats worth US$100 each. The money and goats would be thrown into the river as a sacrifice. The trio went to Manyame River where she was told to remain in the car. The healers later returned saying they had scarified the goats. She was told to come back after two weeks for a review and told that four cattle as burnt offerings. Munduna travelled to her rural home in Hurungwe and bought four cattle worth US$1 200 and took them to the healers. It was then that she was told to invest US$300 000 to supply Magaya with anointing oil from Malawi, which she did. However, after handing over the cash she went to look for the healers later but found the place deserted. On September 12, she met with Chibagali and Nasir and lodged a police report leading to their arrest. Magaya traditional healer Source: H-Metro
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