Welcome To Zimbabwes, ‘Grinding Poverty& Despair; Your Blind Loyalty To A Tyrant, Helped Create It!

“President Robert Mugabe yesterday delivered one of his shortest speeches in his political career at the National Sport Day to commemorate the Defences Forces Day,” reported Bulawayo 24. The speech lasted 25 minutes; that is news!

Mugabe applauded the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) for standing resolute against the proponents of regime change agenda. Well that explains why his speech was unusually short; he did not want to give too much away. He has a big thank you surprise for many of these men and women.

Anyone with any brain be he/she be in ZDF or just a civilian know that the right to a meaningful say in the governance of one’s country is as sacred as the right to life itself. Indeed one can say the right to free, fair and credible elections is the very essence of nationhood; deny that right and the nation will die.

Zimbabwe’s economy has been sick for decades, and so too has been the nation; and today the economy is in total meltdown, it is dying, and again so too is the nation.

Unemployment has soared to Mount Everest heights of 90% plus and a new Tsumani wave of laying-off workers has just started. All ZDF members are familiar with the standing instructions forcing them to take two weeks leave every month instituted over a year ago just to save on food. Well the sick economy is forcing government dig even deeper to save money; Minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa has announce a 50% cut of the government wage bill.

Mugabe, as Commander-in-Chief of ZDF knows, if reason was to prevail, the most savage cut will have to be in the country’s bloated ZDF. No wonder for the first time ever, Mugabe shied away from the microphone; he likes others to be the bearers of bad news!

Many of the members of the ZDF Mugabe is flattering today will soon be languishing at the peak of Zimbabwe’s unemployed mountain; there will be crying and gnashing of teeth.

Millions of our people are living in abject poverty with 76% now living on $200 per month or less. Most people do not access to something as basic as clean running water and if it was not for foreign donor funding the country’s health and education services would have completely collapsed by now.

Zimbabwe has some of the most productive land in the world and yet since 2000, when Mugabe seized all the productive farms to give to his Zanu PF thugs, the nation has been forced to import food. We are starving in the Garden of Eden!

Zimbabwe is rich with diamonds and other resources but these riches have become a curse and not a blessing to the people. Mugabe has cornered all the money coming from the sale of Marange diamonds, valued at $800 billion, to reward the top brass in the ZDF and the select few in the ruling elite for their blind support of his incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship.

The only reason the people of Zimbabwe have failed to remove Mugabe and Zanu PF from office all these last 35 years is because Mugabe has used all manner of dirty tricks to deny the people their basic and fundamental right to a free and meaningful vote.

Mugabe has been very clever in branding his one-party one-man dictatorship as a “no regime change” mantra based on national unity, interest, patriotism, etc., etc. This is not one of those one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter because even he has failed to explain the glaring contradiction of his repeated claim of holding free and fair elections given his ruthless machination to ensure the results were a predetermined no regime change.

No Mugabe thanked the ZDF for having foolishly supported his in imposing his incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical one-man dictatorship all these last 35 years. Of course he could not admit this was a dictatorship and so he has been calling it a “no regime change agenda” to fool the naïve and gullible. And to demonstrate his gratitude to the ZDF is his own unique tyrannical style; Mugabe is going to lay off thousands of them knowing they not get another job and thus will be destitute – classical tyrant kick in the teeth delivered with relish.

Welcome Comrades to the real Zimbabwe of grinding poverty and despair; your blind loyalty to a tyrant helped create it! Now that you have retired early – you did not think you too would have a job at 91 years, did you – you can contemplate whether there is any difference between no regime change and a one-party dictatorship or Mugabe conned you! You will have little to eat; you are now officially paupers, but plenty to think about! by Wilbert Mukori- See more at:source-bulawayo24.

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