WHO REMEMBERS THE 1994 UFO LANDINGS -one main silver craft that had four others around it at the Ariel School in Ruwa in Zimbabwe

 I remember this big news in 1994, the year I graduated from the University of Zimbabwe, when, at   Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, a group of  62 children aged between eight and 12 on break,  reportedly  saw  UFO landings  and  strange beings, or aliens  school during their morning break.Many Zimbabweans, did not get to know about this but it was global news and witnesses are now adults spread out across the diaspora.

Ruwa is a school, situated east of Harare and here is what happened on that day in 1994 during the children’s  morning break as they were playing in the school yard. Witnesses, gave consistent, common statements about seeing one main silver craft that had four others around it, landing on a hill beyond the school yard, where  the boundary was the edge of the school yard, and bush and the hill beyond that.

The children, saw  small creature walk around on top of the craft  and another creature disembark from the craft and proceed to  take a look at the children. They  had big eyes the size of  rugby balls and were all dressed  in black, tight suits.

According to the  children  there was direct eye contact with the creature who came down to them and there was some form of telepathic communication,  about the state of the world, including what  the people are doing to the planet, the destruction we are causing but not all the children received the telepathic  message. The encounter had different impact on the children with the youngest of the group who naturally were in front and closer to the event,  traumatised, while others were simply  excited.

Teachers didn’t believe them at first but when asked to  to draw pictures of what they had witnessed, the children came up with the same drawings, even though they were drawn separate from each other.

I remeber then it was reported that a BBC television crew were first on the scene to follow upon the matter. Its important to state that the children  interviewed using all mastered professional skills,   clearly demonstrated that they were honest  through consistency,  voice tone,  body language and other  signs. I remember it being said that one child remembered  being told by the alien that we should not be so ‘techknowledged’ — not something to make up, though not clear what the real message was through this.

While I have no evidence of alien life, it is fair to say that, this is an inexplicable event, corroborated by over 60 children, and certainly a life time traumatic event for many. However looking at the state of the planet, the impact of air, plastic and other pollution, we are contributing towards through our failure to protect our resources, may have been the message from other planets we are not capable of reaching yet, while the inhabitants, certainly more advanced than us, are ablr to reach our planet, and send out an ominous warning about the future, if we don’t change our ways. This was a well reported event in 1994, globally published and maybe its time we followed this up,..play our part in protecting the planet and air we breathe, water, fish and food resources,..not for ourselves but for all our children and descendants,..play your part!  IF  you know anything about the UFO sightings Ariel School sighting , or have any information regarding it, you can contact. ww.newzimbabwevision.com

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