Why Are Mujuru’s, ‘Zanu PF Baby’ People First Project Meetings Never Interrupted?

A political analyst Zexie Mashonga has questioned why former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s People First project does not face challenges on holding meetings in the country while other political parties and civic organisations were always crushed when they try to hold meetings or demonstrations.

He said this signifies that the PF is just a Zanu PF project meant to destroy the opposition and let Zanu PF rule for ever.
“Mai Mujuru of Zanu People First project is having meetings with people around the country.

Ask yourself why Zanu-PF is letting you People First run your programs smoothly, when the same regime can do this to a one man demo or arrest a pastor for holding a placard saying people are starving Mr President or disrupting a prayer meeting for Itai Dzamara…? Ask yourself why the same government allows only Mai Mujuru to gather freely and willingly, what makes them so important?” he said.

“I’m not yet convinced that this is a genuine new opposition outfit. I see a lot of Zanu PF hands all over it, I might be wrong. I can only be convinced if after forming a fully flagged party they can be part of a grand coalition to push for Reforms, taking a clear stance that no Reforms No Elections. Maybe they can convince me to recognise them as a genuine opposition party.” – Source-bulawayo24

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