‘ WHY DO YOU EXPECT ACTION FROM ME ALONE ? What are you doing beyond criticizing and blaming me?.- MDC leader Nelson Chamisa

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has defended himself against critics on Twitter who are saying he is spending time preaching and tweeting instead of taking practical action in leading the people of Zimbabwe out of the socio-economic challenges facing them.
Said Chamisa, “Please understand that as a leader I must be responsible and fully accountable. We shall act to the best interest of Zimbabwe. Don’t expect us to act via twitter. Twitter platform has its own purposes and limits. We must address the first things first. Let’s get the fundamentals right. Reforms and resolution of the legitimacy question.”
Chamisa told the critics that MDC has a game plan but further urged all Zimbabweans to be part of the action that will lead to a better country.
“We have a game plan. That script is running. We must never be stampeded into ill-planned and half-measures. We will smile soon! Speed without precision is foolishness on our part. We must balance speed and effectiveness.
“Do you really expect me to lead action on Twitter? Why do expect action from one person? What are you doing beyond criticizing and blaming others?”
The MDC leader said the reason why some of the councils that it controls are not performing well is because of the rot in the Central government.
“We have the capacity. But the environment where the central government interferes, the economy collapsing and unpredictable makes it difficult for local authorities to plan and deliver on targets. We can’t fix just the plugs when the whole engine is rotten. We need total change!
“Zimbabwe faces an extraordinary, unprecedented &multifaceted crisis. A political crisis upon an election dispute birthing a shortage of everything. Unprecedented challenges call for an unprecedented response & extraordinary disposition. We must confront our challenges with urgency.” Byo24

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