Within 48 Hrs Of Returning, Visiting Mugabe Will Leave Today, For Addis Ababa

Zimbabweans , understandably view their president as a state visitor as he frequently only drops in for a change of socks and bolts off soon after that to another country.

True to his nature, Robert Mugabe , will today, leave Zimbabwe and head off to  Addis Ababa  in Ethiopia to attend an  African Union summit.

This comes as at shock to the people as  Zimbabwe continues to burns with massive intra and inter political divisions, over 90%unemployment, lack of housing, electricity, clean water supply, roads , education and health services , yet the president happily flies off with the least bit of care or concern towards the suffering and destitute Zimbabweans.

It seems Mugabe attendance is to facilitate the official handover of AU chairmanship to another African leader.

Part of Zimbabwe’s reason for a broke Zanu PF regime, stems from Mugabe’s extensive travel and costs with his entourage, which draw the bulk of state finances which could be better used towards improving Service Delivery across the board. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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