Women’s rights activist Betty Makoni appeals to Zacc chair Loice Matanda Moyo to pursue Magaya over alleged cases of abuse of women

Women’s rights activist Betty Makoni has appealed to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission’s chairperson Loice Matanda Moyo to go after PHD Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya over alleged cases of abuse on women.
Magaya has been accused of raping some female congregants in his church although he has denied the allegations which he described as an elaborate plan to tarnish his image.
Welcoming Matanda Moyo to Twitter on Monday, Makoni famous for her efforts to expose the abuse of former ZBC TV kids presenter Makanaka Wakatama, said she had a number of reports from women alleging to have been abused by Magaya.
“l don’t know if you still remember me coming to your office with Msindo case. You are very brave. Because I saw you doing good because it was dangerous for your position I trust you. Please do something about Magaya. I got lots of reports here. Save young women from exploitation,” posted Makoni on Matanda Moyo’s wall.
Makoni went on, “So lovely to hear from you. Thanks so much for putting your ethics and values and saving girls lives years ago. One of the girls did very well because of your thoughtfulness. I am great and still doing same type of work. Best wishes in your new role. I know how strong you are.”
The Zacc chairperson in her response skirted the Magaya issue saying, “I do remember that case very well. You fought a good fight and justice won the day. I hope you are well. Glad to hear from you too. You have dedicated your life to the emancipation.Source – Byo24

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