#YesWeKhan: ‘Sadiq khan Is The New London Mayor With (1,310,143 Votes, 57% Victory )’

Sadiq khan has won a record election victory, posting  1,310,143 Votes 57%  versus Zac Goldsmith  (994, 614 Votes   43%,) to become London’s  first Muslim mayor.

This victory is a huge bolster for Jeremy Corbyn, the labour leader after labour  came third in  Scotland . This shift to Labour,  marked the end of an eight year run with the Conservatives in charge of London city.

Sadiq khan , the Labour representative, thanked  his family, voters and campaign team for all their support and hard work in making the campaign a success.

He said his team have worked a positive campaign and  admitted that the election was not short of controversy, yet  it made him proud that London has today chosen hope over fear.  The former Labour MP and minister, Sadiq Khan (45) ,vowed to be a mayor for all Londoners adding that, the “politics of fear is not welcome in our city”.

In congratulating the new mayor, the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn  tweeted #YesWeKhan , “Can’t wait to work with you to create a London that is fair for all”. source-bbc.  By Staff Reporter.

photo-Sadiq khan

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