‘Zanu PF apologists condemn Pastor Evan Mawarire , #This Flag, for dumping the revolution’

Whenever we read articles about the successful #This Flag, revolution that triggered a sense of unity amongst the oppressed, it is not difficult to separate the Zanu PF apologists from genuine oppressed people.
It is important to look at the present situation that Zimbabweans live under. Firstly, in comparison to life under the oppressive white Rhodesian Ian Smith regime, to many Zimbabweans life under Mugabe is indeed, ‘living hell on earth’ for the suffering, oppressed, broke, hungry Zimbabweans.
It is only now that Zimbabweans begin to realise that Mugabe’s rule is only a change of skin colour from white under Ian Smith to black rule, but same, security forces, legislation and other oppressive tactics and brutality used against the people.
We all now accept that we are under ‘black oppressors of blacks’ Mugabe’s Zanu PF, however, under the Rhodesian Ian Smith, the black man ate porridge while the master’s dog ate T-bone steak but the black man always had a full satisfied stomach.
Under the US$15 billion dollar thief, Mugabe, Zimbabweans are so desperate that , in general cannot afford a plate full of porridge like under Ian Smith.
Under Ian Smith, Zimbabweans had Service Delivery in Employment, Education, Health care, Housing, Transport, Employment and other critical services. Mugabe spent 11 years in prison under Ian Smith, where he managed to attain numerous degrees from abroad because in prison he had the comfort of university education, good health care, food, clothing and books, all luxuries which are unaffordable and inaccessible under the despot led regime.
Now going to prison is effectively ablife sentence because you are generally likely to die in prison due to starvation or disease or even come out sick and dying in the end.
Pastor Evan Mawarire , #This Flag campaign was successful because the pastor articulated the issues above. The ordinary street person in Zimbabwe, identified with these issues, hence the great support behind the movement.
That said it is critical that we all acknowledge that such a brave public stance that went global by Pastor Evan Mawarire , #This Flag campaign, is associated with inherent dangers which include arrest as he experienced, harrassment, torture, dissappearance and death where possible effected by Mugabe’ Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats who monopolise wealth and power.
Great credit to Pastor Evan Mawarire , #This Flag campaign for regenerating the lost pride in our national flag and building aspirit of united, absolute defiance against oppressive authority.
Pastor Evan Mawarire made no secret about the fact that , #This Flag campaign did not belong to him but rather, it was a people movement fighting a cause for the people by the people of Zimbabwe who were suffering under a debilitating economy.
To the ‘Discerning Eye, newzimbabwevision, he was right, in high tailing aboard the first smoking thing out of town , via South Africa to the safety of USA with his family  because he would have lost his life and or including other members of his family.
He did well by taking the democratic road of not personalising a movement, party or struggle as some of our opposition leaders and Mugabe do in their own parties. Evan Mawarire played his part well, awakened the Zimbabwean spirit of fighting against oppression then stepped back for the people of Zimbabwe to take up the campaign, run with it and take it to greater heights.
Listening to Zanu PF apologists, and #This Flag campaign distractors is a mistake that will take our fight against oppression back to square one. Mugabe has successfuly led the biggest political deceit in Zimbabwe’s history and its time people turned that around by ejecting him from power now!
Evan Mawarire, did what millions would not dare to do, played his part well and deserves to be in a better place with his family. Allowing movements to be personalised means people will always falsely think short of that leader, the movement is dead as we continuously see in Zanu PF and key opposition. Wake up Zimbabwe, Evan Mawarire, has created the platform for you, use it to build a powerful struggle against oppressive authority, subvert the illegitimate Zanu PF regime and unseat Mugabe and his Zanu Pf in 2018 general elections.
Instead of condemning Evan Mawarire, lets take closer introspection of our situation and acknowledge we are part of the problem faced by Zimbabwe because we mourn 24/7 yet we vote Mugabe back into power and allow him to use, abuse, maim, kill our own kith and kin.
If the people of Zimbabwe, unite, refuse to follow any tribalism, cessation, divisional politics , personalisation of struggles and despot leaders, we could alter the course of politics well before the 2018 elections. As Zimbabweans, we face a common enemy to peace, justice, equality, democracy and unity of all races and tribes, namely Mugabe, Zim1 family Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats who loot national wealth and resources by continuously monopolising wealth and power.
We cannot afford to foolishly walk into the 2018 elections without necessary ‘Electoral reforms’that will allow free and fair elections to take place, otherwise it will simply be , escorting Mugabe and his Zanu PF to the ballot for yet another stolen victory by Mugabe.
Lets use the power of our vote and refuse to vote for any leader whether MDC T, MDC, Mavambo Kusile Dawn etc except a united body that will unite everyone under one umbrella in a democratic force powerful enough to push for ‘NO REFORMS NO ELECTIONS! and unseat Mugabe and his Zanu PF in 2018….Wake up Zimbabwe,…DISCUSS!
By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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