ZANU PF ARE CLEARLY GLOBAL PFEEERORRISTS, AS MALAWI Vice President orders immediate deportation of Chihuri

Zimbabwe’s former Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri who fled Zimbabwe after the forced removal from office of the former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe from office in 2017 in fear of his own safety from the people he oppressed heavily since independance in 1980 from the racist white Ian Smith Rhodesia regime is facing deportation from Malawi, after Malawi’s vice president, the UTM Party leader Saulos Chilima announced to the nation on Sunday that a Zimbabwean national Augustine Chihuri is in the Malawi to help the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government rig elections, through training parallel police officers who will pose as legitimate police officers and commit heinous acts in a bid to manipalate the election outcome in favor of DPP.
To those who don’t know this Zanu pf criminal who masqueraded as the only Zimbabwe Police Commissioner general from Independance in 1980 and propped up the ruthless, murderous Mugabe regime, only stayed in place until Mugabe’s fall in 2017 because they worked hand in glove which is why Chihuri through his brutal Zanu pf partisan police .became filthy rich.
I remember what a ruthless ‘Black boots’ force code for anti riot police he led when I went to University of Zimbabwe from 1991 to 1993 soon after experiencing while living in Bulawayo. Remember as I have always said, that in 1980 at independance when Mugabe came into power, I had fled Masvingo because of tribal chaos in place soon after independance, only to jump straight from the frying pan into the fire with Entumbane and gukurahundi, then finally just when I thought peace at last as I went to University, more was yet to come. My days at Zimbabwe University with the late Christopher Giwa then SRC president who interestingly died in ahead on collision with an Army puma truck soon after University a typical Zanu pf elimination style.
The SRC in my three years there included Tendai Biti , Zimbabwe’s former Minister of Finance from 2009 to 2013, Gwisai Munyaradzi (formerly Enoch Chikweche), Kagoro Brian, Raymond Majongwe. My arrival was a year after Mutambara ‘Ago’ Arthur had been forced to flee by Mugabe. It was a horrendous three year era of running battles with the police force as University students traded stones with tear canisters with police and regularly overturned police vehicles but that was clearly a militant student generation which fought hard against the oppressive Mugabe and his Zanu pf, rpotected by the corrupt Chihuri who is finally being deported to come back to Zimbabwe and account for his crime.
Many people whom Chihuri jailed, tortured along with families of those murdered by his brutal police force await his return to face justice in Zimbabwe ofr crimes against humanity. As short as he is, he abused his authority and persecuted opposition, students and all who stood in his way. During my days at University , Professor Welshman Ncube and Professor and Dr Olivia Muchena were lecturers at the University of Zimbabwe. While none directly influenced my rebellious nature to oppressive authority, their very prominence in politics led me to boldy step forward and put my self forward as a fearless voice to oppressive authority.
Im someone who can confidently say that the white racist Ian Smith who used racially discriminatory legislation, including the Land Apportionment Act to oppress blacks, was no different from what followed as Mugabe was simply a cnage of colour from white face to black face, same oppressive system.
The Malawian government, recognising the same Zanu pf tactics that Chihuri used, when controlling his police force to keep Mugabe in power, is now at play in their own land, have announced immediate penalisation, through Malawi’s Vice President Chilima who ordered that Chihuri must leave Malawi at once adding “We are saying that Chihuri must leave our country, don’t mess our elections.”
Vice President Chilima said there are also plans to switch already marked ballot papers with credible ones , in a press briefing at his area 12 house at 5:30am.
He stated “We will soon be writing Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to elaborate these anomalies so that they can fix them urgently.”
Malawi campaign closed yesterdayon 19 May 2019 at 6am and the country will hold polls on 21 May 2019. I have always said all the way from the 90s when I fully became active through massive information dissemination, that the removal of Mugabe if at all it happens, would be a none event as the whole corrupt system and laws created by Mugabe and his Zanu pf must be dismantled all the way from the top down to the lowest structures such as the village headman. As Zimbabweans can see, we keep going in circles because we fail to take the bull by the horns and that includes refusing to wait for the 2023 elections, simply shut down Zimbabwe by protesting peacefully through such mechanisms like going slow, staggered attendance on work days keeping the world focus and attention on the illegitimate Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf regime regime, support the sanctions regime as opening up financial funding from international funders is simply legitimising a criminal regime. We have come so far and we only need to ramp up the pressure and force them out through making Zimbabwe ungovernable. The people have the power and we hold the numbers on our information platforms. Please feel free to join and invite others to join in the debate on our public platforms listed below. I thank you, Zanu pf Pfeeeerorists must go! By Sibusiso Ngwenya
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