ZANU PF CORRUPTION DEMONSTRATED ON today, at the Harare magistrate courts, which had an unprecedented number of senior ZANU PF and connected officials .

ZANU PF CORRUPTION DEMONSTRATED ON today, at the Harare magistrate courts, which had an unprecedented number of senior ZANU PF and connected officials . The accused are on remand on corruption related charges It was an interesting assemply of the cream of Z|anu pf corruption appearing on routine remand, on Wednesday 7/11/18..welcome to Zimbabwe!
The continuous arrest of ZANU PF linked officials signifies how corruption was promoted and implemented under the Mugabe regime and as we always warn, is here to stay, because removing Mugabe and replacing him with his clone Mnangagwa is of no significance, the status quo remains!.
This is a list of ex Zimbabwe Ministers and officials who have been arrested and face various charges in court. To the discerning eye, this is simply showcasing by Mnangagwa and the majority of these cases will be draggged along for years, simply be dismissed or dockets will go missing, while his corrupt system appears to the world, to be dealing with corruption,..wake up Zimbabwe!
1. Simba Chikore – Mugabes son in law, the ex Air ‘Simbabwe’ chief operating officer
2. David Parirenyatwa – Ex Minister of Health
3. Professor Jonathan Moyo – Ex Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education
4. Ignatius Chombo –Mugabe’s cousin also Ex Minister of Local government
5. Saviour Kasukuwere –Ex Minister of Local Government
6. Walter Chidhakwa – Ex Mugabe’s nephew also Minister of Mines
7. Walter Mzembi – Ex Minister of Tourism
8. Samuel Undenge –Ex Minister of Energy
9. Supa Mandiwanzira – Ex Minister of ICT
10. Dr Godfrey Gandawa – Ex Deputy Minister Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education
11. Francis Gudyanga – Ex permanent secretary Ministry of Mines More news to follow. Aren’t we all proud to be Zimbabwean!
On Friday 9/11/18, Zimbabwe’s teachers will take to the streets and protest against poor wages and the collapsed economy in Zimbabwe. Let us all remember that , its not the teachers suffering alone but all Zimbabweans especially the ordinary. Irrespective of whether you are employed or most likely not at all, this is a day to join the masses in a show of force that will go out globally for all to see that all is not well in Zimbabwe.
Fear will not bring change, guns cannot silence the masses. A strong show of force will shift the balance of power from our oppressors and bring many to the people’s defence. We need to shake the corrupt Mnangagwa, militarised Zanu pf empire, by striking at the core of its heart, with the protests in Harare on Friday and when the fire of resistance ignites, let it spread and roll out uncontrollably nationwide. You don’t act, you will suffer, if you act you will suffer but at the same time, victory will bring relief as the empire collapses.Wake up Zimbabwe! More news to follow. share this and spread the gospel of resistance to oppression,..fight the power now!
Even though the oppressive Militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime threatens to crush protests, the nation must not back down or allow democracy to be stifled. The people have a right to protest . It would be folly for Zimbbaweans to sit back and say its a teacher protest only. We all have a duty to wade in black, white, coloured, any race, tribe, religion, employment status, age, gender or other classification. This is a people protest, not about MDC T, MDC Alliance or any political group or leader. We need to stand united, make Zimbabwean an ungovernable state.
We waited foolishly for 37 years,..not another five years of this horror,..Zanu pf must go! We all stood united in removing Mugabe. With the right people power, the military and security organisations will wade in and stand with the people, because we are all suffering. There is no excuse for sitting back because either way you will suffere but at least if you suffere while attempting to bring change, it will shake up the system and rally in global support from exiled diaspora based Zimbabweans and international political and business entities and inflict massive irrepairable damage to an already failing regime. The people don’t know their true power! DISCUSS: By Sibusiso Ngwenya
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