ZANU PF dep youth league leader Matutu says Prof Moyo has lost relevance and is a useless and permanent fugitive.

In a Twitter exchange that started when Prof Moyo posted a video that he presented at a Zanu-PF politburo meeting when Robert Mugabe was still President.
The video presentation accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa who was one of Mugabe’s deputies then, of a number of crimes including corruption, murder and forcing Godfrey Majonga who died recently to jump from a high rise building in Harare in 1987.
Matutu initially asked Prof Moyo why he was fighting to which he responded by attaching a pinned Tweet where the former Minister details how during the coup that removed Mugabe, armed soldiers had raided his home.
The Zanu-PF youth leader responded saying, “It’s time for you to realise that you are losing relevance day by day because you are fighting a personal fight, it Is all about time before you become useless and a permanent fugitive.”
Matutu went on to say Mugabe had become a liability hence his ejection from power.
“Mugabe was a liability to our country and a stumbling block to the economic development of Zimbabwe,” he said.Source – Byo24
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