Zanu-PF leaders,Jonathan Moyo, Mugabe’s cousin Ignatius Chombo, Simon Khaya Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Grace and Mugabe gathered at the State House in Harare to dismiss Mnangagwa.

Mugabe reportedly gathered senior Zanu-PF officials at State House to discuss Emmerson Mnangagwa fate.
The high powered meeting was attended by senior Zanu-PF leaders, who included President Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s cousin Ignatius Chombo, Simon Khaya Moyo, and G40 faction member Saviour Kasukuwere and his wife Grace, Mugabe at the Zimbabwe State House in Harare.
It was resolved in the meeting that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa must be fired and the Zanu PF National spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo was drafted Mnangagwa’s letter of dismissal and statement to and official public announcement with regard to the development.
William Gwatiringa then delivered the letter of dismissal to Emmerson Mnangagwa’s office from President Robert Mugabe’s office and a press conference was announced by Professor Jonathan Moyo to be held at Mugabe’s Munhumutapa office where Moyo read out the statement in a meeting chaired by President Robert Mugabe.
The announcement and letter of dismissal left Emmerson Mnangagwa heavily rattled, and he swiftly emptied his office and place of residence in Borrowdale.
It is alleged by sources close that Emmerson Mnangagwa developed oesophagitis and gastrits said to be stress related conditions.
Zimbabwe’s army stepped in to aid his safe exit from Zimbabwe through senior army commander Dr Jasper Chimedza, a military doctor in private practice, who was tasked with providing a medical letter to facilitate the stressed and panicking Emmerson Mnangagwa’s departure under the guise of travelling for medical attention to neighbouring South Africa.
Emmerson Mnangagwa’s business associates at the Mining group, Moti Group in South Africa whose vast business empire includes Chrome interests in in Zimbabwe, real estate, aviation, security services, automotive industry and financial services refused to aid Mnangagwa’s escape using their private jet, parked at the Harare International Airport now called Robert Mugabe Airport because of the political implications.
Manyame Air Force Base refused to give Mnangagwa special and urgent authorisation for a private jet to depart, forcing Mnangagwa now in deep panic leaving Harare around midnight to drive to Forbes Border Post between Manicaland and Mozambique but border officials countrywide were on the look out for Mnangagwa.
Emmerson Mnangagwa soon arrived at Forbes border post
leading to a scuffle between armed dismissed Emmerson Mnangagwa’s security and police officers, who disarmed a police officer, fled and headed for Marymount border post, manned by soldiers from 3 Brigade at which point Emmerson Mnangagwa negotiated with the military and escaped to Beira and boarded a private jet where he safely fled to Johannesburg.
Mnangagwa said: “My sudden departure was caused by incessant threats on my personal life and family by those who have attempted before through various forms of elimination, including poisoning.”
Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander General Constantino Chiwenga, was given a military mission to China last week obviously a tactic by President Robert Mugabe to leave Emmerson Mnangagwa vulnerable as he dismissed him and at the same time Mugabe sent the Zimbabwe National Army Chief of Staff-General Staff Major-General Trust Mugoba to the African Union standby force completely isolating Mnangagwa who became a sitting duck as from Saturday at Bulawayo’s White City stadium where Mugabe and wife Grace, delved into Mnangagwa and clearly demonstrated his end had finally come.
newzimbabwevision is reliably informed that Zimbabwe’s Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi, a key Gukurahundi associate of Mugabe, and his wife Grace Mugabe , will along with Phelekezela Mphoko be President Robert Mugabe’s deputies next month together in a development that will have a total of three vice-presidents in Zimbabwe.
The situation in Zimbabwe is dynamic and we will keep updating Zimbabwe as we become aware of events on the ground.
All I can say is, when for 37 years you have been the power behind Mugabe’s monopilisation of wealth and power, detruction of independant media, the economy, murderous gukurahundi, Chiadzwa, white farmer eviction, political eliminations, torture of journalists, collapse of the independant media, forced exiling of millions of Zimbabwe, signing death warrants of all those sentenced to death, disappearance of activists like Itai Dzamara, this is a most welcome development as having a man like Mnangagwa in power would have legitimised all past crimes by Zanu pf and Mugabe. Lest we forget, many Zimbabweans have crossed flooded rivers, crocodile infested rivers, walked through dark dangerous night paths, infested with wild life like snakes, elephants, lions, soldiers and other dangers, while many have been returned at airports worldwide, many deported worldwide, lost asylum claims, lost property back home and lost families, courtesy of Mnangagwa, Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, so why would people of Zimbabwe irrespective, of race, tribe, political orientation and other, be concerned?
Mnangagwa is synonymous with gukurahundi, Chiadzwa, white farmer eviction, murambatsvina, political eliminations, destruction of independant media and other heinous crimes. Today he feels exactly what former Vice President Joshua Nkomo fe;t as he fled in a dress across the border post into Botswana, fleeing Mnangagwa’s gukurahundi. This is a time to celebrate because Mnangagwa is now the hunted and feeling what many Zimbabweans have felt under the despot led regime that he was protecting,..hokoyo, now we wait but he is finished!
 Mugabe, Grace, Zim1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must all face prosecution for their crimes against humanity and the nation must recover all wealth that these criminals looted from us.
Mnangagwa’s dismissal is reason for the nation to celebrate as the removal of such a ruthless Zanu pf stalwart, weakens Zanu pf and gives the people abetter shot at removing the despot as having Grace Mugabe in power will lead to the worst political scenario ever witnessed in Zanu,..they are finished and ready for slaughter,..lets go Zimbabwe, the people have power ! More news to follow. DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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