Zanu PF MP Joseph Chinotimba Urges Gvt To Give Loans To War Vets

Buhera South MP for Zanu PF Joseph Chinotimba has challenged the government to provide loans for the war veterans in order to console them from the pains they endured during the liberation struggle fighting for Zimbabwe’s independence.
“The war veterans used to say that our levels of suffering have now become worse in this country and it is because people do not appreciate the sacrifice that the people who waged the war went through,” he said in parliament.
“We cannot argue and provoke the liberation fighters to then think that it would have been better if they had all perished during the liberation struggle. All I am saying is that they should be given loans as war veterans in the same mould as youths are being given loans to start their own businesses for indigenization.”
He said women are also being given funding for their activities but we fail to think of the war veterans, poor as they are.
“We fail to say that they should not be given – although they were given before but during that time they did not appreciate how to put their money to good use. As freedom fighters, we should be given, that was a supreme sacrifice that we made to go and wage the liberation struggle. It was not easy for one to simply go for the liberation war. It had to take dedication and sacrifice,” said Chinotimba. by Stephen Jakes Source: Byo24News
photo-nehanda radio , the then war veteran’s leader , Zanu PF , Joseph Chinotimba at the height of white farm invasions in Zimbabwe

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