ZANU-PF OWNS BLUE ROOF MANSION title deeds and title deeds to the Mount Pleasant property occupied by , Bona Mugabe

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ZANU-PF OWNS BLUE ROOF MANSION title deeds to the late deposed former President , despot Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s house in Borrowdale and also owns title deeds to the Mount Pleasant property occupied by the late Mugabe’s daughter, Bona according to the Mugabe family spokesperson Leo Mugabe and current Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa who claims he is now working on modalities to transfer the title deeds of the two houses to the Mugabe’s family.

The title deeds issues is mainly because of Bully Grace Mugabe’s frequent land grabs and forcible eviction of people from countless properties which made the Mugabe family hide the Blue roof ownership issue in the name of Zanu pf because they knew no one would dare challenge Zanu pf, black ownership issue under Mugabe.

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There is no better representation of stupidity, knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies and burying an oppressor, dictator, mother of all deceit in a multimillion dollar private ceremony at a national shrine using scarce government resources, while burying your own heads in the sand, many school children to date have no shoes, no books, no pens, no paper no desks, no chairs or decent classrooms apart from open air grass thatch shelters, four decades under ‘Black oppressors of Blacks’.

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Its amazing that under the racist Ian Smith Rhodesian regime, the masters dog ate T-bone steak, and the people ate porridge but they were full and had schools, hospitals, clean water, electricity, good roads, good health care and a thriving economy under sanctions, enter the ‘Black oppressors of Blacks’ Mugabe and his Zanu pf regime, and it went downhill ever

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since Independence on 18 April 1980, now the Blacks cannot even feed themselves with porridge, and are celebrating the construction of a lifetime reminder of all the abuse, unemployment, cholera, hiv, death , destruction, military shooting of civilians, gukurahundi, murambatsvina, Chiadzwa genocides, 2008 election violence, torture, genocides, forced exile, oppression, draconian laws, military rule, tribalism and division by supporting this abuse of funds for rebuilding a broken nation,…hmn- now you know the definition of STUPID!

In January 2018, Robert Mugabe’s family was in a legal battle over land in Borrowdale, which belongs to a Harare private school owned by the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ). The land was grabbed by former First Lady motormouth Grace Mugabe when her husband Mugabe was still in power.
Eaglesvale Senior School then renewed its fight for the large piece of land measuring 23 hectares donated to it by RCZ over 40 years ago and registered under the Eaglesvale Daisyfield Trust (EDT).
The massive piece of land runs from where Borrowdale Road intersects with Harare Drive to where it intersects with Crowhill Road and Helensvale shopping centre, the road that leads to Mugabe’s expansive Blue Roof mansion.
The elite school Eaglesvale intended to build a campus on this piece of land, but bully Grace grabbed it with the help of former Local Government minister, Mugabe’s cousin Ignatius Chombo without Eaglesvale’s knowledge and started farming maize on the piece of land.
When Mugabe was deposed, Eaglesvale Daisyfield Trust (EDT) erected a billboard on the 23 hectares which was swiftly pulled down by the Mugabe family using Mugabe security team, comprising of four men, and Borrowdale Police Station police officers to tear down the billboard.
Eaglesvale officials, had sent some men to unlock the gate to the property, and erected a billboard, but Mugabe’s force changed the locks to the gate and placed the property unde security;
Eaglesvale school is currently situated in Willowvale industrial area on a stand belonging to the National Railways of Zimbabwe and had intended to move to its new premises in Borrowdale.
National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said: “This matter is civil involving two parties, who are engaging each other. Police were simply notified and no police officer took part save for advising them to engage each other.”
Grace is known to be at the helm of many land fights, forced farm and mine grabs, most notably in Mazowe, where bully Grace grabbed the farm belonging to citrus firm Interfresh and was also embroiled in a battle throwing to forcibly evict villagers at Manzou Farm, even though the Mugabes grabbed 14 farms through the controversial Zanu pf Land policy which saw white owned land forcibly handed to blacks.

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FROM HIGH SCHOOL, through University to Adult hood in full defiance to oppressive authority by the militarised ,brutal corrupt,Zanu pf regime. This flag is for the motherland and all Zimbabweans have a responsibility to fight the ‘black oppresors of blacks’ for a better future of all our children, all races, tribes, religions, gender and political orientation.

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I have been at Zanu pf throat since University days early 1990s when Chamisa was in primary school. We were the most volatile University of Zimbabwe generation, as

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I remember that at University, a year before, Mutambara ‘Ago’ Arthur the UZ student president- escaped from CIO for his life. Here are prominent student leader names during my time at the University of Zimbabwe Biti Tendai, Chakaredza ‘Warlord’ Larry, Chimosva Rumema Paul, Dinha Martin Dinha, Giwa Christopher, Gwisai Munyaradzi (formerly Enoch Chikweche), Kagoro Brian-UZ, Majongwe Raymond-.

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This was also the same time when Professor Jonathan Moyo and Professor Welshman Ncube were lecturers at the University.

We kept the riot police busy and Mugabe sleepless as the University of Zimbabwe was a war zone between the oppressiv e Mugabe Zanu pf riot police firing tear gas at us regularly while students wore t-shirts written we are not hooligans, and threw the canisters, back. Suffice to say the students union would open early and sell alcohol at half price before riots,..interesting! I suppose it was to get the UZ students into the spirit of defiance to Mugabe’s oppressive authority.

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I even remember that Gwisai Munyaradzi (formerly Enoch Chikweche), lived a few rooms down the corridor from me at Manfred Hodson Hall at the University of Zimbabwe, and I saw him as I went round campaigning for the post of Sub Warden at Manfred Hodson Hall’

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I won the vote resoundingly and was suddenly surprised when the Warden and the outgoing subwardern committee declared that they have to then decide who will become the sub wardern, and after a democratic vote by the Manfred Hall residents, the outgoing comitte denied me my rightful place and installed Kamwendo pictured in the last photo sitting on the table behind me in front of the buses at Manfred Hodson Hall in 1993. I therefore fully understands Chamisa’s frustrations from having an election stolen because I saw similar brodaylight election theft in 1993.

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I finished my studies then joined Agritex as the Provincial Training Extension specialist for Matebeleland North, responsible for running seven Agricultural training radio programmes weekly at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Station (ZBC).

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These were 1)Nhau Dzevarimi 2)Izindaba Zabalimi, 3)Tinokushevedzai Varimi 4)Sibiza Abalimi 5) Ukugcinwa Kwezifuyo, 6)Kuchengetedzwa kwezvipfuwo all on Radio 2 and 4, and 7)Agritex farm radio on radio 1.
This busy weekly schedule running between Agritex, doing recordings nationwide and presenting finished material, was also coupled with writing, editing and translating Ndebele, Shona and English books, pamphlets, posters and broadcasts for staff and commercial and communal farmers .

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I was among one of the first few people to see the pending disaster in Agriculture and put tools down after a massive exposure I made to the Chronicle Newspaper under the TC Chamakuwa Saturday column about what was happening at Mhlahlandlela Government Agritex Offices and I left to join an NGO as a Projects Officer the Head of the Outreach Department now in Harare, where I wrote titles pictured including The Police and your Rights, You and your Vote, ESAP and much more.

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This was an easy job as it meant a lot of travel to already established contacts nationwide as these were the same people I served in Agritex. My work back then again because of my fluency in English, Shona and Ndebele included writing, editing, translation, training, information dissemination of issues on Good governance , democracy, accountability, equality, girl child, human rights, development, peace, housing, health , education, employment, land, water, electricity

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and other issues directly affecting the lives of the ordinary people, was even amongst the first wave of University students signing up for free farms from the government in the early 1990s, but because I was well informed in what was happening, including the fact that Zimbabwe’s economy was held by Agriculture, which was clearly collapsing because of Mugabe’s controversial land policies, I elected not to take up a farm, and excalated my fight against oppression through information dissemination on
issues including, good governance, democracy, human rights,

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accountability, equality, gender, girl child issues, corruption, oppression, employment, development, housing, electricity, housing, education, health care and more issues that directly affect the ordinary person. Suffice it is to say that in one the pictured publications, as far as early 1990s, I made it very clear that World bank, IMF funds to despots were prone to misuse as they serve nothing but to strengthen the military force and do nothing for the people and this was exactly what was happening in Zimbabwe which had just come from the DRC war. Zimbabwe fought the Mozambique war, DRC war, and Angola war, lost many soldiers and enriched the JUNTA force who looted war funds, minerals and operated companies to loot wealth from the various nations and thats why they are filthy rich multimillionaires now. Do you really think this JUNTA force cares and, have you ever seen a JUNTA force removed from power using the BALLOT, having come into power using the BULLET,..wake up Zimbabwe!

Having seen where the whole mess was leading the country to, which is exactly where we are today and what I have warned about to all, for 25 years now, I moved from the Third world to First World in the UK in 2000 to continue my fight against oppression, which I do across media and reach out to the people of Zimbabwe and politicians, because I then used my knowledge and experience to create the platforms below, open to all for debate on the issues listed and more above, and primarily open to all progressive minded people, who want to freely share their views and contribute towards a better future for al, in a respectful, amicable community.

INFORMATION IS POWER!-Thank you for the support. Please email all your articles, photos and breaking news, to , or whatsapp to Mr Sibusiso Ngwenya 0044 79 3 9100534 for publication on the constantly growing online groups, currently standing as follows:

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We must unite and fight for the girl child, equality, good governance, peace, democracy, accountability, Service delivery in Health care, Education, transport, employment, water, electricity , protect the planet, stop pollution and use of non renewable or polluting fuel such as coal , oil, diesel and petrol. We must fight for a beter life for the ordinary people, who, when united can bring down all oppressors.

Zimbabwe is a militray state, and has always been one since 18 April 1980 independance, just that people never realised it until now, that the very military who fought for Zimbabwe’s liberation from white Ian Smith Rhodesia regime under the British Government, are still the same people who inflicted the gukurahundi genocide, murambatsvina genocide, Chiadzwa genocide, murderous white farmer eveictions, 2008 election murders, and all current military shootings in Harare, journalist and activist torture, murder and dissapearances and forced exile.

In my case, it didnt help that when I was at Hugh Beadle primary school, we would frequently have to queue outside the school and wave at Mugabe’s motorcade as that was his route from Bulawayo’s Joshua Mqhabuko airport to the Bulawayo State House, one minute away by road. As if this was not enough, the Bulawayo State House shares a fence and drive with Northlea High school, my high school, What a time , my school days were at a time Bulawayo was right in the heart of the civil war and instability created by the Entumbane war and gukurahundi genocide era.

It was unfortunate that after over 5 years of this iinstability, I walked from the brief respite created by the 1987 unity accord to the University of Zimbabwe and it was teargas and beatings and frequent riots at University as our generation was clearly a militant one led by prominent student leaders at the University of Zimbabwe including Tendai Biti , ‘Warlord’ Larry Chakaredza, Rumema Paul Chimosva, Martin Dinha, Christopher Giwa , Munyaradzi Gwisai (formerly Enoch Chikweche), Brian Kagoro,Raymond Majongwe while at the same time the UZ had Professor Jonathan Moyo and Professor Welshman Ncube as lecturers. I was always going to be highly defiant to oppressive authority because at Independence my family dramatically fled Masvingo where I grew up for the safety of Bulawayo because of the tribal tensions at that time, not realising this was straight from the frying pan into the fire as the Entumbane war gukurahundi genocide and era followed.

Suffice it is to say, that military regimes traditionally come into power by the bullet and will not walk away by the ballot,.. ..wake up Zimbabwe!
Currently Zimbabwe has its hopes placed upon the MDC Alliance led by Chamisa who surprisingly prides himself by ranting and raving about a stolen election. Right or wrong, it is meaningless to keep protesting and doing presups in the street, and claiming he wants Mnangagwa to come down to him, admit he stole the election and hand over the country to him on a silver platter,..really?

The only way forward as I always emphasise, is that the military fought to liberate Rhodesia from British rule and consider themselves the protectors of the hard won independance , especially after looting multiple farms, mines, businesses, and game reserves and therefore will not walk away from this at the risk of the democratic powers, calling them to account for all the multimillion dollar wealth , land and properties they have built up through corrupt, illegal practices and murder. Unless and until opposition, unite, speak with one voice and agree to approach the Junta force and negotiate a good exit package for the junta from power, including Immunity from prosecution for all their crimes against humanity, protection of their stolen wealth on handover, they will not budge an inch and if necessary they will continue their murder spree. ..Im just a free spirit, unchained voice, a fighter for equal rights, freedom and democracy, peace and prosperity for all. Please feel free to join any or all of the platforms and add as many friends and family as you can freely.

Opposition led by Chamisa must swallow its pride, stop childish protests like a UZ student doing press ups, as it helps no one to huff and puff about being the legitimate winner of elections,..all nonsense, the people are suffering and the opposition is displaying, selfish power hungry actions no one wants to see in current or future leaders. We need a progressive change of tactics. Only when the Junta is secure will they shift. They know very well they do not have the peoples support but at the same time they appreciate the Western world and World bank, IMF and International Finance sources will not open to them but no one wants to spend their last days on earth in prison, so they are prepared to stand their ground,..Wake up Zimbabwe!

I thank you for all your support in this work for the motherland. One Nation.
Zanu pf will not change, its the same, blood thirsty, oppressive , corrupt, draconian militarised force, since time immemorial until we the people remove the whole system that Mugabe built up. Zimbabwe has always been a militarised state since 18 April 1980 independence, just that many failed to see what was infront of them until now that they are suffering in a collapsed nation led by Mnangagwa, a clone of Mugabe’s ruin!…. now you know the definition of STUPID! ….. DISCUSS and SHARE! Sibusiso Ngwenya

INFORMATION IS POWER!-Thank you for the support. Please email all your articles, photos and breaking news, to , or whatsapp to Mr Sibusiso Ngwenya 0044 79 3 9100534 for publication on the constantly growing online groups, currently standing as follows:

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