Zanu-PF UK Describe Land Barons As Counter Revolutionary

Zanu-PF United Kingdom Chapter has described the land barons who have caused quite a number of Zimbabweans to lose their property worthy large sums of money after selling to them land owned by the urban councils, as counter revolutionary. “Land barons are counter-revolutionaries,” the chapter. “Most of the economic problems in the country were because some third parties were not happy with the Land Reform. To now have some land barons in this very contentious but pivotal resource is to detract from every revolution our country has had since their Pioneer Column. Land Reform should be about equality and not the production of a new social class . Down with illegal land baron.” The Harare City Council has destroyed numerous illegal structures in areas where the land barons had sold land to the desperate land seekers. Police have since arrested seven land barons in Harare and their trials are yet to open in the magistrate Steven Jakes – Source-bulawayo24

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