‘Zapu Condemns General Chiwenga’s Threats To Opposition’

The Zapu Bulawayo province and the city residents have expressed anger over the article in  the Chronicle of the 19th April 2016 in which the Army Commander General Chiwenga threatens politicians who are opposed to Zanu PF.

The party said it knows what this means as it has experienced the brutality of the army on unarmed civilians to support a political party.

“Chiwenga confirms that he leads armed supporters of a political party and not men and women who must not only guarantee every citizen’s security but also the right to choose a political path and destiny of his/her own,” said the party in a statement.

“The Bulawayo province of Zapu deplores the army’s mingling in politics to protect a political party that has administered the collapse of our industry. We refuse to be intimidated by the military that is protecting individuals who are looting the resources to enrich themselves. We have no respect of an army that threatens the entire population to safeguard individual greed. We are tired of living under fear as not so long ago we witnessed Chiwenga’s men the Gukurahundi committing genocide in the interest of a political party.”

Zapu said it is indeed shocking that the general has no feeling for thousands of young people who have been forced to leave the country because they are  desperate.

“They see no future at all in their own country. Despite the peace that prevails with not a single political party plotting any form of violence Chiwenga threatens militarily political opposition.  This is to instill fear in the minds of the electorate. The people will not be brutalised for ever. God forbid,” Zapu said. Source: Byo24News

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