Zimbabwe Claim Another Lion, Killed By American, ‘Dr Jan Casimir Seski’ With A Bow And Arrow

The illegal killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by the US dentist Walter Palmer  has exposed the scandalous trophy hunting activity by foreigners in exchange for cash to Zimbabweans keen on making a fast buck at the expense of wildlife.

It is now reported by Zimbabwe’s National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, that threatened to escalate after Zimbabwe claimed that there had been a second illegal killing of a lion by an American hunter armed with a bow and arrow.

The country’s National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority alleged that , A gyenacologist  from the state of Pennsylvania, in the US shot and killed a lion in the Matebeleland north region at the prominent Hwange National Park in April  2015, just three months before a US Doctor,  from Minnesota, the dentist Walter Palmer killed Cecil the lion in Hwange, interestingly using the same method of excecution, which is the use of a bow and arrow to shoot the lion.

G is a gynaecological oncologist who directs the Centre for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh and also a big game hunter as demonstrated by posted photos of the doctor standing beside a whole range of  killed wildlife.

Zimbabwe’s National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority also reported that as in the case of Cecils killing, a  local  Headman Sibanda, and a  local landowner, were arrested  in connection with the American Gynaecologist actions of hunting  lions where lion hunting is illegal.

What breaks everyone’s heart, is that Cecil the lion’s brother, ‘Jericho was also reportedly slain recently soon after Cecil. The landowner was hauled before the law for his participation and assistance with the  illegal  hunt , and the fact that he had no quota for lion hunting

This new revelation is sure to rile up animal lovers worldwide and fuel the furore over Zimbabwe’s laid back attitude towards the uncontrolled trophy hunting expeditions by foreigners.

It has also made locals, ‘Zimbabweans’ both home and away furious as they suddenly realised what is going on right under their noses, as corrupt people shared farms and game ranches amongst themselves and are making thousands of US dollars from these illegal hunts by foreigners, with no control over hunting or set quotas and absolutely no regard about the future.

At this rate, it will not be long before some animals become extinct in Zimbabwe. The whole world is keen to see the US extradited to face criminal charges over this, as a deterrent to all other  would be hunters and locals who assist them in their illegal expeditions.

Heavy fines and custodial sentences will be a first step towards protecting the beautiful wildlife and the legacy of Zimbabwe’s children from such heartless people. Currently it seems to be open season hunting of lions, a free for all who have the money.

Strangely enough, whilst the filthy rich foreign hunters, get away with their crimes, locals who so much as kill small wild game for a meal, get sent to prison if caught. ‘Certainly all animals are equal but some are more equal than others’  by Sibusiso Ngwenya. see more at www.newzimbabwevision.com

photo-Cecil the lion before he was killed


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