‘Zimbabwe Electoral Commissioner Qhubani Moyo says diaspora Zimbabweans have no right to vote ‘

.Posting on Facebook on Monday Dr Moyo said, “Unless the Constitution is amended to reflect otherwise, the Constitutional court ruling forbidding diaspora vote still stands. As the situations stands there is no diaspora vote.”
Dr Moyo further encouraged citizens to go out in their numbers to register to vote in the ongoing voter registration process to avoid having their provinces losing so me constituencies.
ZEC will be involved in the delimitation of constituencies for the first time in 2023. The constitution of Zimbabwe which was passed in 201 prohibited the delimitation of constituencies for ten years,.
“In case you missed it. Delimitation of constituencies for 2023 elections will depend on numbers of registered voters.” Dar Moyo added. “The fewer the voters in your province the bigger the possibility of losing some constituencies. Voter registration is happening now! It’s a continuous process at ZEC district offices all over the country. Take this opportunity to ensure that those who are now 18 and above who missed out on registration in 2018 do so now.”
Zimbabweans in diaspora have been calling for diaspora vote but the constitution prohibits the positioning of polling stations outside the borders of the country.Source – Byo24

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