ZIMBABWE GOVERNMENT unfreezes State Registered Nursing posts with 2000 set to be employed soon

The Health Services Board (HSB) has said that the Zimbabwe .government has started sending unemployed nurses to various work stations across the country

This exercise marks the beginning of a phased
nursing programme that will be carried out in three batches.

The first group of nurses deployex into this programme started work earlier on in April 2017.

The ensuing nurse group will start work in July 2017 while the final group will be dispatched in September 2017,.

The Zimbabwe government froze the recruitment of all nurses back in 2011 causing a shocking patient ratio estimated currently to be an average1,2 per 1 000 patients particularly in rural areas..

TWhile an estimated 3 500 nurses are unemployed because of the nurse employment freeze, the Zimbabwe government, the government admits that a total of 8000 nurses need to be recruited in order to fill the gap. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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