‘ Importing Maize From ‘Zambia’, Another El-nino Victim, Is Proof Of Zimbabwe’s Failed Agricultural Strategy’

An MDC-T MP Costa Machingauta has questioned Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Minister Joseph Made if it was government policy that one has to produce Zanu PF card to get maize.

This was after rumours swell that some Zanu PF officials were demanding Zanu PF cards for the people to access the maize being distributed by government.

“I want to thank the Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development on the update of importation of grain in the country.  I also want to find out from him that as the grain is coming in – as has been happening in the past, is it Government policy that as the food is distributed, a person should produce a ZanuU PF card in order to get the grain?” the MP asked.

Made said there is nothing that is being taken to the rural areas, especially concerning food or farming implements that require one to disclose his or her party.

“There is no such arrangement that I am aware of that requires that.  If the Hon. Member has evidence of such things happening, he should bring it forward so that we address the issue.  On the issue of food, His Excellency, the President said that no one should be denied of food,” he said.

But the MP asked the minister to confirm that the importation of maize from other countries, especially from Zambia, is an admittance of a failed agricultural strategy – considering that we are importing maize from a country which was also affected by the El Nino induced drought. By Stephen Jakes. Source-Bulawayo24

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