ZIMBABWE MILITARY , HAVE CLOSED SHOPS ORDERED PEOPLE OFF STREETS,AND SEALED OFF HARARE MDC T HARVEST HOUSE HEADQUATERS-six shot dead by the military so far, presidential results: 10:00 pm Zimbabwe time

The results of the presidential polls have still not been announced but the Zec has declared that the results of the presidential election will be announced at 10pm Zimbabwe time.We have no proof, but its rumoured by contacts on the ground that, the presidential election results and show Mnangagwa as the winner but the military in a bid to pacify the electorate, will place a puppet as the president while Mnangagwa and the Vice president Chiwenga will step down. This is meant to distance Mnangagwa and Chiwenga from the whole Zimbabwe politics saga, while at the same time maintaining the status quo with a puppet. Much as this is all hearsay from contacts on the ground, there is no smoke without fire but lets wait and peacefully accept and deal with the unfolding drama with allegedly cooked up parliamentary and presidential election results
So far 6 people were shot by the military yesterday in Harare’s protests by the military. The MDC T headquarters at Harvest House in Harare has been sealed off by the police and several people arrested with others still holed up inside for safety and in fear for their own safety under arrest.
While Chamisa has had the opportunity as a leader of the MDC T opposition and MDC ALLIANCE, to call for restraint, he has failed to do so but instead went on to declare that he had won , clearly setting the ball rolling for more violence tonight should he be declared a loser in the election. One can only wisely advise, looking at the overwhelming Zanu pf votes in the parliamentary election, its highly unlikely that the same voters would have then chosen the MDC ALLIANCE leader Chamisa to be president, the real reason being Chamisa going to bed with the Mugabes and his division of the MDC T through his unconstitutional rise to full leadership of the MDC T and his fall out with Khuphe and other MDC T officials.
What Zimbabweans fail to realise is that they are just a pawn in a game, case in point Welshman Ncube and Tsvangirai split in 2005 which divided the MDC T and saw Zanu pf romp to victory, and now again the Chamisa vs Khuphe split has by all accounts, cost the opposition votes. It is however too late to cry over spilt milk and the nation should now be looking far ahead and seeking to unite and rebuild for abetter future, irrespective of who wins the election tonight. We as Zimbabweans can waste another five years of our lives fighting amongst ourselves and suffering worldwide and back home or forget the past look far ahead, unite and move the motherland forward,..its time we all matured and progress with whats before us,….Peace!
At the time of reporting, www.newzimbabwevision.com can confirm that Harare is eerily quiet as people are in absolute fear of going into town after the murderous displays by the military yesterday during which they shot dead, six unarmed protesters, and now they have closed Harare shops and ordered people off the streets.
People have obeyed the order as its clear that they are now in asilent curfew and in a true military state.I can confirm that the vicious military display, is asign of who exactly will be declared the president at the end of the poll announcement by constituency tonight, and the reason why the result has been delayed all along, is because the military was still engineering how to finally present the ‘eventual announcemen’ to the people. The fact that people have been ordered off the street is because they know the announcement will not go down well with the people of Zimbabwe and it will likely unleash widespread protests and violence as people dispute the result,…well those who dare stand up to the military might, seen yesterday.
There will be no immediate announcement by Zec about the result of the presidential election, as they will haveto announce results by constituency and there are a total of 210 constituencies to announce so it will likely take all night before the final announcement of the future president.
As before, I implore all Zimbabweans to exercise restraint and look at plan B if the result is disputed, which is to look at the fact that the MDC ALLIANCE made the mistake of walking into an election without the necessary electoral reforms in place,and can only contest the result in legitimate manner through the Zanu pf court system. Violence will not change the decision or help a people’s choice into statehouse,..an early grave maybe,…wake up this is the military! It is incumbent upon all political leaders to issue calls for peace and calm amongst supporters, and in an ideal world, the majority of opposition leaders should have come together and issued a public statement to the media for the public to remain calm whatever the result is.
They should issue, the same calls across social media sides such as twitter, facebook whatsapp, linked in and other and mainstream media, appear across television, speak on radio and the newspapers should be publishing an emergency second publication for the day, all calling for calm. We Zimbabweans can maintain peace without having third parties like international forces stepping in, and we have seen for the last 20 years that the international world including SADC, AU and others, and African leaders and their nations, stood aside and did nothing, so we should not expect that, whatever develops tonight will calm down, hence don’t start it.
Think carefully who you are dealing with, these are the same military who fought the liberation war with Mugabe and Mnangagwa as leaders, same military behind gukurahundi-20000 killed, same military behind murambatsvina, Chiadzwa, murderous white farm invasions opposition and zanu pf eliminations, 2008 election violence, forced removal of Mugabe along with numerous other unresolved issues, so, do not expect them to be issuing sweets and chocolates tonight,…probably one person one bullet! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
Please share with all your friends and family worldwide and encourage them to share it as far and wide as possible across social and mainstream media,..get the message out to the people. Social media groups, administrators and websites must all uinite under the umbrella of peace. Zimbabwe have suffered enough, millions are spread across the diaspora, and the lost generation want to go back home to live a peaceful life.
We all need to play our part and effect citizen arrests on anyone perpetrating violence, take photos and give them to authorities, this is for all our children, black, coloured, white, any race, religion, gender, political orientation and other ..we need peace and to move on and catch up with the global village as we are twenty years behind the most basic of development, health, housing, education, transport, water, electricity, employment and a whole host of other Service Delivery!
Peace is the only way we can move the nation forward. Instability means more suffering, and the creation of dangerous terrorist groupings, high crime, drug taking, social decadence and a total destruction of a once peace loving nation, once the jewel and Bread basket of Africa. Mugabe is gone, lets bury the past and all work together to rebuild the motherland Zimbabwe,..PEACE!
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