ZIMBABWE, MNANGAGWA MILITARISED GOVERNMENT WARNS OPPOSITION POLITICAL PARTIES and individuals to avoid making unlawful election results announcements

As predicted by WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM, the handover of power to the people will not be a walk in the park because already we can see that yesterday’s 2018 harmonised election results are currently being witheld by Mnangagwa’s militarised, Zanu pf regime, stalwarts and securocrats, with astern warning that , the announcements of official election results are a prerogative of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, and a breach of Section 66A of the Electoral Act (Chapter 2:13) which outlaws the unofficial or false announcement of poll results. He warned that this is likely to result in arrest as this is is a serious offence .
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Inside information points at election results being announced on Saturday, but our contacts in the security wing of the Junta force, indicate that, there has been a massive Chamisa MDC alliance victory nationwide, with Zanu pf picking up random constituencies of no signicance mainly in rural areas.
 Image result for images of police water cannons in harare election
According to our contacts, Mnangagwa has been beaten massively but the JOC team are working on how to engineer their way out of this one, like they did in the 2008 election when the deposed former president Robert Mugabe in a desperatebid to cling to power despite obvious defeat in Zimbabwe’s 2008 presidential election, blocked the Zimbabwe electoral commission from releasing official results and went on to threaten to treat any opposition party claim of election victory as a coup d’etat.
Zimbabwe is sitting on the verge of a similar scenario, and because Tendai Biti and Chamisa have already gone to make unofficial announcements of their election victory, it is right to say, they are clearly playing into the hands of the Junta, by unoffically declaring election results in breach of Section 66A of the Electoral Act (Chapter 2:13). Tendai, ahead of an official announcement has alleged an assasination attempt on Chamisa the MDC ALLIANCE leader and attempt to steal the people’s vote by Mnangagwa.s Zanu pf regime, clearly playing into the hands of the Junta, who are calm at the moment and behind the curtains, working 24/7 to come up with ‘PLAN B’.

So far we can confirm that as tension mounts over the delayed election results announcements, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), traditionally a Zanu pf security force, have deployed police vehicle water cannons designed to disperse protesters and they are ominously patrolling the capital Harare city centre.

Also conspicous is the absence of the Vice President RTD Gen Chiwenga, who forced Mugabe out of power and installed Mnangagwa as Zimbabwe’s president. He was according to reports, last spotted this morning at Heritage School where its reported that an incidence of public concern occured but we are yet to get the exact detail of what transpired before we can give you a full update. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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