Zimbabwe Must Call For Mugabe’s Resignation Over US$15 Billion Diamonds Grand Theft’

On 3 March 2016 President Mugabe admitted that the nation had lost $15 billion worth of Marange diamonds because of the looting and plunder in Marange and Chiadzwa.

“This kind of plunder must immediately make Zimbabwe pass a vote of no confidence in Mugabe and his government,” wrote Ken Yamamoto in his latest article.

“If this theft does not cause Zimbabweans to demand that he resign, then nothing else will. In that case, going forward, Zimbabweans must just be left to their own devices and the donors currently feeding the population must just take their efforts to other countries. The country cannot be helped. And no more of this nonsense that Zimbabweans are the most literate people in Africa.”

Well Zimbabweans have hardly noticed the grand theft; it went in one ear and out the other!

We are in this mess because President Mugabe has rigged elections; we have the opportunity to stop the vote rigging and yet we continue to do nothing about implementing the reforms! We are halfway through the five years to the next elections and still nothing has been done to ensure the next elections are free, fair and credible; not a single thing. It is worrying because it shows we have learnt nothing from the rigged 2013 elections!

Ken is right; the international community is getting sick and tired of helping Zimbabweans ease their suffering when we are doing nothing to help ourselves end the criminal waste of resources behind our suffering!

The discovery of diamonds in Marange and Chiadzwa should have been a blessing for us but our indifference to the gross mismanagement and downright looting of this resource by Zanu PF leaders to gratify their insatiable greed has turned the blessing into a curse. We have become a nation of free-loaders; scavenging whatever crumbles our leaders throw at us to top up whatever donors give us! By Patrick Guramatunhu

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