Zimbabwe People’s Front (ZPF), Leader’s Real Crime Was Being Caught!

Owen Kuchata, 34, the leader of the Zimbabwe People’s Front (ZPF), made a brave stance of defiance to Mugabe and Zim1 family oppressive authority and monopoly of wealth and power through an attempt to ‘bomb’ President Robert Mugabe’s private business, Alpha Omega Dairy, in Mazowe.

He was jointly charged with accomplice, Borman Ngwenya on charges of insurgency, banditry or terrorism. However,  having admitted to the plot, Owen Kuchata, argued in court that  Alpha Omega Dairy, is President Robert Mugabe’s private property and business entity and not the property of the Zimbabwe government.

He felt that he should not therefore be charged with treason and added that he never wanted to remove the president from power, but rather to ensure that the president also felt the pain of demolishing innocent Zimbabweans homes, by petrol bombing Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe’s Zvimba homestead.

He felt that his actions were not an act of terrorism and that he should not be charged with treason, on that account.

The court however felt that, irrespective of the argument at hand, any act of leniency would set a very bad precedence for similar acts of terrorism and the law could not afford to ‘condone’ such an attempt to overthrow a sitting government ‘unconstitutionally, and sentenced him to an effective 9 years in prison.

To the discerning eye, however, the real crime committed by young and daring leader of the Zimbabwe People’s Front (ZPF), Owen Kuchata is ‘being caught!’

He  managed to shake up Mugabe’s Zanu PF oppressive authority by  fearlessly and defiantly admitting he was behind the saga on behalf of all suffering Zimbabweans.

This is a daring act by a small figure of little or no relevance to the political dispensation, yet a great eye opener to the power of an individual’s efforts.

Whilst violence is not condoned by most peace loving Zimbabweans, it is important that we all recognise that there are hundreds of options in the establishment of a Democracy, ranging from ‘Ballot to Bullet’ . An oppressed people simply need to choose a relevant strategy, right time, place, personnel and excecution of the means chosen from the  ‘Ballot to Bullet’ range.

Zimbabweans has tried endlessly particularly over the last 16 years to unseat the ‘illegitimate’ Mugabe Zanu PF regime from power but have constantly lost through stolen ballots, rendering the ballot option, outdated and irrelevant against the despot led regime.

What Owen Kuchata, 34, the leader of the Zimbabwe People’s Front (ZPF) has shown the suffering masses, is that we should think outside the  box and dare to explore all options available to us in the range stretching from ‘Ballot to Bullet’.

This is a poignant development that resonates very well with the people of Zimbabwe, who are well aware that the filthy rich multimillionaire Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats, monopolise wealth and power and use violence to maintain  a firm grip on power over the destitute Zimbabweans.

Our current crop of opposition are strongly limited because of limited finances, leadership wrangles, inhouse and interparty disputes and most of all their ‘Democratic’ ideologies to which they pay ‘homage’.

It is evident that no ballot , pitted between a ‘democratic force’ and a non democratic, ruthless, despot led Zanu PF regime can ever dent their hold on power. It is not far fetched thinking by some observers that the democratic opposition can tactically employ non democratic means to level the play field, push for electoral reforms and unite to shape up a formidable force capable of unseating Mugabe and his Zanu PF in the fight against a common evil in the 2018 Ballot.

They can safely revert back to their corners and finish the battle, in a democratic  ballot, once Mugabe and all his Zanu PF have been removed from power, as they unite the people of Zimbabwe and move the nation forward.

What is important for us all to focus on now, is the fact that Mugabe is old (92), no longer in full control of both his faculties and government as the deadly Zanu PF factional wars escalate.

As a people we can choose to be silent and take a back seat, watch and wait,…but for how long!

The people of Zimbabwe cannot continuously wait for a now, seemingly clueless, broken up  opposition, to magically come up with a better plan of action. It is evident from  Owen Kuchata, 34, the leader of the Zimbabwe People’s Front (ZPF), failed plot, that we are simply limited by our imagination and when push comes to shove, the people have the power to make a difference.

Another lone ranger, a Kariba Pastor Mugadza, travelled to Zanu PF December 2015 conference and held a one man protest displaying a large poster “Mr President, the people are suffering. Proverbs chapter 21 verse 13” in Victoria Falls, a town flooded by Mugabe’s Zim1  family,  Zanu PF stalwarts and  securocrats, including the ruthless, Central intelligence Organisation (CIO), Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and Zanu PF militia.

Unemployment is running high at over 90%, whilst education, housing, health care, transport and other service delivery have all collapsed, The people of Zimbabwe are hungry, destitute and the current El-nino fuelled drought, the worst in 25 years in Zimbabwe is doing no justice to the crisis.

The masses have nothing to lose but instead can only gain by taking action now rather than waiting for 2018, to escort Mugabe to the ballot and as, in the past, legitimise, yet another stolen election victory .

Political mileage gains in Zimbabwe, is simply a question of time, placement and opportunities. It is unquestionable that over the last 17 years the greatest biggest achievement in politics was achieved by the democratic opposition movement then (Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) led by Richard Morgan Tsvangirai. He managed in 1999 to amass massive support through MDC, across the country because Zimbabweans had reached a breaking point under Mugabe and were desperate for change.
It did not matter who was behind the change and Tsvangirai took the opportunity presented at that time and placed himself ahead by sacrificing himself to be the real face of opposition to Mugabe, arguably a choice, inherently fraught with real risk of death as it was unheard of to challenge the brutal despot led Zanu PF regime. Zimbabweans rallied behind him on that account . It did not matter then, who or what was behind the change because Zimbabweans would , then have voted for a streetlight, road sign or letter box if offered as an alternative to Mugabe.
The nation however lost this leverage as it generally served as a rude awakening to Mugabe that people were ready for an alternative to him. Due to political greed, differences, leadership battles and splits developed in the Democratic opposition camp splitting the MDC power house which could offer a formidable opposition front. We are no faced with bigger challenges as politics in Zimbabwe is now stomach based and no longer about the real issues directly affecting the people at street level. Politics is now a business as one doe not need to win in an election but simply needs to place themselves in credible opposition and receive international and government funding, including government mansions, cars and other benefits.
One only needs footing on the ‘looting gravy train’ to enjoy the benefits. What Owen Kuchata, 34, the leader of the Zimbabwe People’s Front (ZPF) has shown the people, is that, the people have the power to make change and its not just about replacing Mugabe as demonstrated by the current crop of leading opposition fronts who are not prepared to unite in formidable opposition and fight as a single force to remove Mugabe and his Zanu PF in 2018.
This unfortunately stems from the fact that, no opposition is prepared to be swallowed and lose relevance and each leader seems to seek the opportunity to lead now or forever lose relevance, obviously a risk that none is prepared to take. We are therefore at risk of only escorting Mugabe and his Zanu PF to the ballot in 2018 only to legitimise yet another fraudulent election victory. The people of Zimbabwe need to regain their balance and deny the greedy opposition fronts, support in this ‘cash cow’. Case in point, to date, the opposition have never approached the people to account for their achievements and failures in the Government of National Unity 2008-2013 and what exactly transpired in Mugabe’s 31st July 2013, ‘NIKUV’ victory.
We must grab control, deny greedy leaders, the opportunity to eventually replace the brutal regime with Recycled Mugabe Rubbish else we are only heading for a case of ‘Different Day, Same Sh*t! Lets push for real change now!

It is time that the people of Zimbabwe reclaimed the motherland back from the ‘Black Oppressors of Blacks’ by  ramping up acts of defiance to oppressive authority.We can only enforce change by going all out in silencing Zanu PF through such acts as , at the very least, boycotting and decampaigning all Zanu PF linked businesses and their products, a good start being President Robert Mugabe’s private business, Alpha Omega Dairy, in Mazowe.

Various other options  showing the people’s power in rendering a state ungovernable through civil acts, will be published shortly. For too long, the people of Zimbabwe have allowed the ruthless, corrupt Mugabe and his Zanu PF to enjoy an easy run. We should reclaim our birthright, the motherland Zimbabwe and always remember, no action is too small or less important than the other, so,..;All Hands On Deck Now.watch this space! By Sibusiso Ngwenya. Please share with all your friends, worldwide, thank you!

photo- Owen Kuchata (right) and his alleged accomplice Borman Ngwenya at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts recently.

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