ZIMBABWE PLAN TO IMPROVE SOLAR ENEGY USE, CLEAN CLIMATE as Chinese company, offers 600 green energy (solar-powered) buses

Zimbabwe is a nation that should have unlimited low charge or free electricity because of the abundance of sunshine or solar energy. Solar is an important investment in clean air technology and protection of our climate and natural resources.
A Chinese company China Nanchang Engineering, has offered a deal to supply 600 green energy (solar-powered) buses and additional fixed and working capital to service routes in Greater Harare Metropolitan Harare City Council to the Harare City Council.
This is a deal that provides a project with a central business district (CBD) shuttle service including servicing all suburban routes in the Harare Urban Route divided into Norton, Southern, Eastern and Western suburbs.
Initially according to the Harare city council minutes, a total of 35 buses will be in place to service the Harare-Norton route while the Chitungwiza route will have 45 buses and the Ruwa route will have 20 buses, with four depots, two in Harare, one in Chitungwiza and one in Norton, fitted with maintenance and recharging facilities large enough to cater for an average of 200 buses each.
This project will include having a total of 12 battery swapping stations cum charging centres for the solar powered buses. This a powerful initiative in the protection of the climate and the future of all our children and descendants .
It is a big development as Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare city will be the first city in Africa to have such a project. According to the report, the solar energy bus services will operate for a total of 19 hours daily from 4am to 11pm.
Solar buses will be low noise vehicles, no pollution vehicles good for the environment. They will obviously be very unpopular with competitors who neither care for the environment, future, safety of children, and all living creatures. The shocking Cyclone IDAI disaster which has caused untold death and destruction across Southern Africa in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, is a stark reminder that Climate change is real and we are in the dying minutes to stop climate and reverse the destruction caused by man kind greed such as plastic pollution, use of pollutant fuels and energy such as diesel, coal and much more.
This will hit many people hard in the pocket as we begin to enjoy the benefits of clean air, healthy life styles and attract investment in green climate initiatives from across the globe, as leaders in this area. We should in this day now be having multiple solar energy farms with solar panels, supplying electricity to power stations, depending on clean energy, phasing out production or import of any non clean / non renewable energy vehicles , farm and industrial machinery by taxing them heavily through massive import duties on complete products or spares related to these items, then also reward exchange of vehicles such as diesel or fuel vehicles for solar or electric vehicles.
If as a nation, we focus on this, we would face global support and investments that would create massive employment, electrify rural schools, hospitals and homes, roads country wide, have traffic lights and other critical areas all working 24/7. We all need to think about the future of all our children and descendants by protecting the climate and air we breathe today. More news to follow. Sibusiso Ngwenya

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