ZIMBABWE POLICE JUSTIFY EXPECTED SHOOTING OF CIVILIANS ON 31ST JULY BY CLAIMING -‘249 armed people threaten to burn fuel stations on Friday’

Zimbabwe Republic Police Senior Staff Officer (Press, Public and International Relations) Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi has revealed  that a group of 249 persons are plotting to barricade all major roads and burn service stations on Friday.

Nyathi said the operation was being organized through a Whatsapp group.

Read the full statement below:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police urges members of the public to conduct their day to day and normal activities in a peaceful atmosphere and cooperate with police and other security service members who are maintaining law and order in the country.

All security arms of Government are on full alert and will deal decisively with any individuals or groups fomenting violence and sending threats or provocative messages through the social media or any other means.

We reiterate that no demonstrations will take place in Zimbabwe on 31st  July 2020. Those who decide or disregard the law, particularly National COVID- 19 regulations will have themselves to blame.

Police are aware of various attempts to incite the public through the social media with one group calling itself 31 July Peaceful Demonstrations  threatening to burn a service Station in Mvuma on 31st  July 2020, and barricade the Harare Masvingo highway and all roads leading to police stations.

The group is led by group administrator with the cell number +27653302446 and has 249 group members with some claiming to be in possession of firearms. These will be regarded as terrorists.

The security services are also aware of these groups that they are Spreading fake news that the security services are in support of the 31st July 2020, illegal demonstrations. These are blatant lies, meant to confuse the public, cause alarm and despondency in the security services.

The security services remain resolute in defense of the country’s security and the safety of all Zimbabweans.

The public is also urged to report any incidence of intimidation, incitements or threats to their nearest police station or members of the security forces who are conducting patrols in their local areas. Source ZRP

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