ZIMBABWE SITUATION: Grace Mugabe’s ruthless ‘bedroom coup’ and her ‘thug for life’ husband

ZIMBABWE SITUATION: Zimbabwe is on the brink of major change, driven by Grace Mugabe’s ruthless ‘bedroom coup’ which has pushed her old aged 93 year old despot husband President Robert Mugabe to dismiss two National Vice Presidents in three years. These are Joyce Mujuru in 2014 and now Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2017.
Mugabe is well aware that this will cause alarm amongst security chiefs, particularly the military who are aligned to the fallen VP Emmerson Mnangagwa. They risk being forcibly retired or dismissed by Mugabe as he restructures the securocrats structure and strengthens his might in the most obvious of purges yet to occur.
Securocrats have been Mugabe’s allies from long back as guerrillas during the liberation war then being the powerhouse behind all Zanu Pf and opposition eliminations by Mugabe, political violence like 2008 elections, genocides like gukurahundi, murambatsvina, and Chiadzwa, so the fall of Munangagwa less than a decade after Mugabe killed liberation war hero Rtd Gen Solomon Mujuru, the fired VP Joyce Mujuru’s ex husband demonstrates how ruthless he is and that the axe will fall soon if they don’t act.
The military has several choices which are to effect a military coup and take over power then run the affairs of the nation for six months to a year while restoring democracy and civil rule, while placing Mugabe and Grace under house arrest for the good of the nation.
They could also afford him a safe exit or one way ticket from Zimbabwe to some safe haven so that we can move on.
Another option though unorthodox would be like in other nations , for the military to execute Mugabe and those around him to put the madness to a stop and install their puppet to run the affairs of the current and push forward their agenda for Zimbabwe.
Which ever way you look at it, there is no turning back and the winners would be the first to act, either Mugabe or the military,..you snooze you lose. The securocrats are some of the biggest beneficiaries of Zimbabwe’s entropy over the last 18 years, ranging from multiple farms, mines, businesses and other gains from crime and corruption under Mugabe and they cannot afford a reversal of their gains , so the honus is upon them to act fast.
Opposition in Zimbabwe are at the present time, not fit for purpose as they are constantly divided, with their heels firmly dug into their corners as they seek the same gains that Mugabe and his Zanu pf have made as we all know that Zimbabwe is a rich nation in terms of resources which are in the hands of criminals or mismanaged by the state. Everyone is Zimbabwe now seeks to gain first and think about the ordinary people last.
A well organised opposition force would be quick to gather a powerful united force with good negotiators to engage the military and other securocrats in round table discussions about the unstable situation and negotiate a way of terminating Mugabe’s rule, the transition setup from Mugabe to the next or care taker government, who will be the leader, what the caretaker government will be composed of,.
They must show what the caretaker government will be expected to do and kick starting the economy and re engaging the international community, guaranteeing the safety of all returning exiles and creating safe passage and platforms for everyone to come back and rebuild the country, and attract investment from both international community and Zimbabwe’s who have the money.
The most obvious and powerful tool of negotiation is guranteeing these securocrats, safety from persecution and prosecution, protection of their ill gotten wealth and moving the nation forward together for all our children, black, coloured, white, any race or tribe. Because negotiation is about give and take, we do need to lose for the political stalemate to be broken and move a united people forward in a progressive, peaceful, just, equal and democratic society for all, so lets lose now for a lifetime victory as we cannot afford to go towards another election as planned for 2018.
We all know that, its a cosmetic exercise designed to install Grace Mugabe eventually as Zimbabwe’s next president as Mugabe will stand aside to install her eventually once he has won the 2018 elections. The 2018 ballot is just escorting Mugabe to yet another stolen election victory,..why participate in a flawed election? We need effective electoral reforms that will level the political field and part of this is engaging the military and working together to push out ‘thug for life’  Mugabe and reestablish democracy. More news to follow. DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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