‘ZIMBABWE will be food insecure by September 2019 due to poor 2018/19 harvests and outrageous macroeconomic hardships’- (USAid).

MOST OF ZIMBABWE’S DISTRICTS will be food insecure by September 2019 due to poor 2018/19 harvests and outrageous macroeconomic hardships, according to a food security report by the United States Agency for International Development (USAid).
Zimbabwe prides itself of having ahighly educated workforce, but clearly what we really have is either a brainwashed people who believe things will change without them standing up in defiance to oppressive authority.
Zimbabweans need to all flood the streets peacefully in protest to the collapsed economy, the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, make the nation ungovernable and force Mnangagwa to a round table of talks with the opposition forces all together to work out the future including his exit from power, return of the military back to the barrack where soldiers belong.
INFORMATION IS POWER!-Fear not, where ever you are , whatever you know about, just give us the facts, names, figures, events, people involved, why, how, when it happened, who else knows, what have they done about it, what are they attempting to silence whether by threats, harassment, dismissal, abuse, victimisation or some other subtle mechanism of instilling fear upon you, just tell us what you know and we will fearlessly expose everything and protect your name, whether directly on our platforms or in collaboration with sister media organisations whom we frequently exchange information with.
Zimbabweans should stop burying their heads in the sand and pretending that because they can;t see it or choose to turn their heads away and not accept the reality before them, then all is well,…no its not, raise your heads out of the sand and you will see, the motherland is broken and we need to ensure that Mnangagwa is forced out through people power, popular resistance, mass street peaceful protest and make the nation absolutely ungovernable,..no backing down whatsoever!
If Mugabe could fall, what can stop Mnangagwa and fellow Zanu pf to fall. We the people of Zimbabwe don’t know the power we hold.
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