‘Zimbabwe Women, Stop Wearing Trousers- They Contribute To Moral Decay!’- (Senator Jenia Manyeruke)

Senator for Mashonalnd Central Jenia Manyeruke has ordered all women to stop wearing trousers claiming that they are contributing to moral decay.

She said it was strange as to why boys are not wearing dress but females are fond of putting on men’s wear.

She told the senate last week: “When you look at our children they walk half dressed and we just look at them even if they wear trousers.

“We feel that we have not come across boys who wear girls’ clothing. But the girls even their mothers are also putting on trousers which are for men.

“How can you show children the good ways when you have joined the way they have thrown away our culture. As women, I think there is something wrong with us” she told said.

She said female teachers should also not wear trousers.

She added that children were dying of HIV because of lack of guidance.

“May the dear Lord help us so that we become true women who look after the girl child properly.
“Many of our children are dying of AIDS because of lack of guidance. You will find that one girl would have five children all with different surnames and totems which is not good.”
Source: Byo24News

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