ZIMBABWEAN DOCTOR PETER MAGOMBEYI , a young was kidnapped by three men and disappeared on Saturday, and hasnt been heard from since Saturday

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ZIMBABWEAN DOCTOR PETER MAGOMBEYI , a young doctor was kidnapped by three men and disappeared on Saturday, and hasnt been heard from since Saturday The United States of America Embassy in Harare has urged the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime to take proactive action in protecting citizens against the wave of abductions that is sweeping across the nation, adding “Since January more than 50 civil society, labor, and opposition leaders have been abducted in Zimbabwe. No arrests have been made. We urge the government to take action & hold perpetrators of these human rights violations accountable.”

This position by the US comes after a leader of a doctors’ union,Peter Magombeyi, pictured below, was kidnapped by three men and disappeared on Saturday, and hasnt been heard from since Saturday when he sent a whatsapp text on Saturday night saying he had been “kidnapped by three men”.

I have always warned that Zimbabwe is dealing with a ruthless security force that will make anyone dissappear with no qualms about it, case in point, where is Itai Dzamara? All this young doctor did was to lead the Doctors strike demanding for improved salaries and conditions so that the Doctors can give a better service delivery and here we are, the ruthless militarised Mnangagwa regime is instilling fear into the defiant doctors on strike by kidnapping them.

Its sad to say, given the Zanu pf history, its most likely, this doctor will not be seen or heard from again. Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf regime as I stated before, are keen on buildinmg an expensive mauseleum for Mugabe to be buried in a private ceremony on state property using state funds, yet they are busy silencing the leaders of defiance to oppressive authority.

This is set to be the last straw that breaks the camels back and will trigger absolute defiance by the people and opposition forces, along with unity against the blood thirsty militarised Mnanagwa Zanu pf regime, as people are guranteed to flood the streets calling for the safe return of the doctor, explanations on what happened. Mnangagwa and his Junta force are busy abducting key people like this doctor who are not just demanding a civil wage but seeking to imrpove patient conditions, quality of care, hospitals and availability of medication for the ordinary people.

Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana said it is not in the interest of government to see citizens being abducted, writing on Twitter, ” This Administration has no reason to destabilise this country by abducting its citizens. Threats to the security of persons and acts of terror are ultimately threats to the security of the State. There is no rhyme nor reason for the State to undermine itself.”

We the people, must down tools, flood the streets in peaceful defiance and call for the fall of the Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, as Mugabe is laid to rest in his mauseleum, that should signify the end of this heartless, blood thirsty JUNTA force. Mugabe is dead, Mnangagwa must go, the military must return to baracks and Zimbabwe miust be handed back to civilian rule, starting with a transit government to facilitate the move from a militarised regime to a democratic people’s government. We need to all unite irrespective of race, tribe, religion, gender, age or whatever grouping you can come up with as we all face a common evil against the people’s future which is the JUNTA force, Mnangagwa’s militarised Zanu pf regime, they must all fall,..its now or never! DISCUSS. Sibusiso Ngwenya They dont care about kidnapping and ‘murdering’ people including this poor young doctor because they know they dont need them or the Health service delivery as they fly in private jets to South Africa, Singaporee, India and the Middle East for a simple BP check, using ill gotten wealth accumulated through the rampant corruption that is a trademark of Zanu pf,..Wake up Zimbabwe!

Zimbabweans worldwide in the diaspora must step up pressure against this brutal regime, which slaughtered over 20,000 unarmed Ndebeles from Matebeleland and Midlands in the early 1980s, by protesting enmasse at Zimbabwe embassies, petitioning the Heads of state of their respective nations to act on this issue, including tightening the economic and travel sanctions regime, closing World bank and IMF purses along with any source of loan or revenue to the Zimbabwe government. They need to ban President Mnangagwa, Vice President Chiwenga, Vice President Makhado, Foreign minister Sibusiso Moyo and other key figures in the oppressive force. Zanu pf is a deep rooted draconian, oppressive, ruthless force that is prepared to wreck Zimbabwe or rather what is left of all they destroyed in just short of forty years.

The country should be barred from trading with other nations, and other nations should be barred from doing the same or face equally tight economic and travel sanctions for being in breach of this position. The world has given this ruthless , useless force too much room but they keep digging their heels in, deeper and enjoying the people’s suffering. The diaspora, ramp up pressure against the regime, through escalatingoss mainstream and social media including newspaers, tv, radio , internet, whatsapp, linked in and twitter amongst others. Zanu pf must be totally shut down by being starved of any chance of reengaing with the West and global village.

The clearest picture of what is happening in Zimbabwe is what the whole world witnessed last weekend at the Harare National sports stadium for the late deposed former president Robert Mugabe, whre most stands in the 60,000 seat stadium were totally empty, as opposed to the frequently full stands during Mugabe’s days when the people were forced to attend Zanu pf functions and vote Zanu pf in rigged elections but now e can see that people are tired and not prepared to accept this rubbish any longer. It was the clearest sign to Mnangagwa that 2023 General elections will be a wash out by the opposition forces and a most embarrassing election loss for the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime. He , if ever was in any doubt, is now clear that if he and his Zanu pf are still in power by 2023, thats as far as Zanu pf will last , then thereafter lose to the people in the elction, fall out of power and be relegated permanantly into the dustbins of history….NOW WE WAIT! DISCUSS! Sibusiso Ngwenya

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