‘ZIMBABWEANS ARE JUST A PAWN IN A GAME BY THE SUPERPOWERS AND THATS WHY WELSHMAN NCUBE SAYS CHINA AND BRITAIN’S new soft stance for Mnangagwa is inappropriate because its picking a horse to win in the 2018 Harmonised elections’.

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is at this point in time in Beijing, China for a four day state visit at the invitation of his counterpart, President Xi Xinping and he will also meet officials from the China Communist and business people. Mnangagwa was accompanied by First Lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development Dr Mike Bimha; the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Patrick Chinamasa; the Minister of ICTs and Cyber Security Supa Mandiwanzira, the Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Prisca Mupfumira and Information, Media and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary George Charamba, the Special Advisor to the President Chris Mutsvangwa and other several other senior government officials.

Lest you forget, we have suffered over the last 18 years primarily because the Eastern powers protected Mugabe, and upheld his victimisation of his owm people, case in point, China and Russia stood with Zimbabwe when it was slapped with sanctions and even used their veto power to block the UN Security Council sanctions motion against Zimbabwe, thereby protecting the dictatorship that has led us to the current crisis, and by the look of things, there to stay for along time to come.

Zimbabweans need a deeper understanding about how the Cold War tension between the Western World and Eastern European communist nations from soon after the second world war, (1947 to 1991), defined Zimbabwe’s doomed future from Gukurahundi genocide ‘ for them to appreciate the enormity of what we now face.

Remember China liberated Zimbabwe, through training Zanu militry forces (Zanla ) and arming them during the liberation struggle,, while Russia did the same by arming and training Zapu forces (Zipra).

Just a month ago, Russia’s Foreign Minister visited Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe with Russian investors and they signed billions of dollars worth of Agriculture, minerals mining and security deals.

Following this, soon after that, because of the spy poisoning saga in Salisbury, Britain, hundreds of Russian diplomats have been expelled from USA, Britain and other countries.

Just a few weeks ago, the Zec Chair Justice Priscilla Chigumba travelled to Russia with the Zanu pf war veterans Chair Christopher Mutsvanga to monitor the Russian elections which Putin won.

My point is that the East will not favour the fall of their baby, Zanu pf and the West will not want to see Zimbabwe fall to the East, but prefer to have a say in the future of Zimbabwe, land, minerals and business investments so, will be forced to share the same bed with Mnangagwa and Zanu pf so that they do not totally lose Zimbabwe to the East. All that is happening is politics and the people are the least important in this game,..its business! Maybe Mugabe was right about certain politicians being western puppets,…just maybe,…have your say!

The Cold War which extended from soon after the second world war, extended from 1947 to 1991, generally defined by lengthy periods of tension between the Western World and Eastern European communist nations.

This was effectively a conflict between the United states and its Nato allies versus the Soviet Union (USSR) and its Warsaw Pact allies. The Cold War conflict arose from the fact that there was a strong belief that governments would become either communists or capitalists all depending on which bloc would spread its influence on that government.

The United States and the Soviet Union were superpowers or the world’s strongest nations after the first world war but held clearly differing opinions about government.

The influence of the super powers was shaped by the two blocs, western-capitalist or Eastern -Socialist bloc. The Western-Capitalist bloc included Western Europe, New Zealand , Israel, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Australia,New Zealand
and the Americas while the Eastern -Socialist bloc consisted of Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, Angola, Ethiopia, Cuba ,Mongolia, North Korea, China and Vietnam.

To the ‘Discerning eyenewzimbabwevision’ this new political dispensation dictated the future of Zimbabwe before it was even born at Independance 37 years ago on 18 April 1980. The cold war conveniently afforded the deposed dictator former President Robert Mugabe and his ruthless generals and Zanu PF to crush Zapu in Zimbabwe and at the same time fight South Africa’s Umkhonto Wesizwe, the ANC military wing , thereby fulfilling Western ideology.

Western allies were in total fear that the Soviet Union , a member of the Eastern -Socialist bloc which had played a key role in arming and training Joshua Nkomo’s Zapu party’s military wing or liberation struggle fighters (Zipra) would spread its influence once the British colony Rhodesia once Ian Smith’s government fell from power.

The 18 April 1980 election, was a defining moment, for black Zimbabwe freedom wise but more important for the Eastern -Socialist bloc or the Western-Capitalist bloc to influence and spread of depending on which of the two ‘devils’ Robert Mugabe and his Zanu or Joshua Nkomo and his Zapu took over power from Ian Smith.

The Western world felt that Joshua Nkomo was a more flexible option than the hard liner Robert Mugabe, but they could not risk allowing Joshua Nkomo’s unchecked rise to power as Zimbabwe’s leader after Ian Smith after the collapse of Rhodesia because this literally meant the spread of the ‘disliked’ Eastern -Socialist bloc influence through Soviet influence over Joshua Nkomo and his Zapu party.

Robert Mugabe , eventually Sir Robert Mugabe, was the ‘Blue eyed boy ‘ of the West, definetly to the western World, a more acceptable option, the better of the two devils to the western world.

Sadly the only thing that the British did during Gukurahundi, was to bring the Fith Brigade commander Perrance Shiri reportedly for six months training at the Royal Airforce in Uk while his soldiers were butchering Zimbabweans, totalling over 20, 000 Ndebeles from Matebeleland and Midlands. This was a missed opportunity to actually arrest him for the genocide and hold him to account for the deaths of the people, but as people argue, Mugabe at that time was protecting their interests looking after white farmers and if people died, its life!

It is a common opinion that the 1980 Zimbabwe Independance elections were engineered by the western-Capitalist bloc , through Western powers, namely Britain and America to allow Robert Mugabe and his Zanu party to rise to victory and destroy Eastern -Socialist bloc influence or Soviet influence in the Southern African region region.

Lest we forget, Nelson Mandela at that time was still in prison, in 1980 and Umkhonto Wesizwe, the ANC military wing was wreaking havoc, in South Africa in the fight against white apartheid rule and oppression of the blacks in the country.

Umkhonto Wesizwe had strong ties with Joshua Nkomo’s Zapu which created a huge crisis for the western-Capitalist bloc as Joshua Nkomo’s rise would mean that, Umkhonto Wesizwe could establish stable operational bases in Zimbabwe for their attacks across South Africa, further spreading Soviet or Eastern -Socialist bloc Influence .

From Zimbabwe’s independance, the writing was on the wall,..the future of Zimbabwe was never going to be in the hands of the people, but rather, the puppet masters, or western-Capitalist bloc and today we still feel the implications of this as the issue of land brought most of these issues to light.

There were too many players or nations in with their own interests and set objectives, primarily to halt the spread Russia’s influence, at whatever cost to the people of Zimbabwe. 37 years later on, we are still paying for the effects of the ‘Cold war’ tensions.

‘Zimbabwe was doomed’ from the start which is why , soon after Independance on 18 April 1980 when Mugabe came to power, Mugabe unleashed the worst atrocities ever by a black leader against his own people in Zimbabwe, at a time of peace for that matter, killing at least 20 000 Ndebeles in Midlands and Matebeleland, imprisoning Dumiso Dabengwa, ‘killing’ the Zapu General Lookout Masuku, arresting all Zapu officials who had become senior military figures in the new Zimbabwe army, while persecuting and exiling Joshua Nkomo.

Mugabe’s actions through ‘gukurahundi’ not only shaped his ultimate one party state, dictatorship, destruction of Joshua Nkomo’s Zapu, and sabotaged Umkhonto Wesizwe influence but effectively destroyed Soviet influence in the Southern African region, courtesy of Western world influence, he did their dirty work for them and the people of Zimbabwe paid dearly for this, as the western-Capitalist bloc would never have accepted Russian influence in the region.

What happened in Zimbabwe from 18 /04 /1980 General election through to the 1987 Unity accord, was nothing more than fulfilling an expected political narrative, in destroying Soviet Influence as desired by western-Capitalist bloc, the script was never owned by the people of Zimbabwe, typically puppets in a game of politics, with only one beneficiary, the western world.

While the horrendous gukurahundi was unleashed by Robert Mugabe upon the Ndebele people, it cannot be a mistake that Britain and America were silent, took absolutely no interest or action, stood by and watched the unfolding horror which lasted until the 1987 Unity Accord or peace deal. Zimbabwe, you do the maths!

It is interesting that Robert Mugabe, then, the darling of the west , is the arch enemy of the West today, having used the Zanu PF war veterans, to forcibly evict white farmers in the murderous land grab exercise of the early 2000s.

These ruthless war veterans propped up an illegitimate Zanu PF government all along and arguably held a most privileged status in Zimbabwe because of the way they received health care and fees for their dependants amongst a whole host of benefits not accessible to other suffering Zimbabweans.

The war veterans backed Mugabe all along, but he shot himself in the foot by openly declaring war upon war vets warning that, ‘lest they forget, Dissidents will be snuffed out using the murderous gukurahundi like in the early 80s’.

Remember in 2000, Mugabe’s army was just withdrawing from the DRC war, ESAP was at its peak and Mugabe had lost all excuses for not paying up on promises to war veterans, hence he allowed them to lead the murderous land grab because he feared a backlash or outright revolt by a group who knew where it would hurt the most if they chose to deal with him and withdraw their support for the illegitimate , oppressive regime.

Robert Mugabe knew that he was growing increasingly unpopular with the war veterans, who openly demand that then Vice President , now Zimbabwe’s President Mnangagwa should succeed Mugabe now 93 in power right away as the despot was then too old at 92.

However Mugabe, ever the shrewd politician, swiftly, dropped the retirement age for serving military officers from 65 to 50. It is well known that the majority of those who were set to be culled by the new retirement age, were the disillusioned war veterans and the few that left by the purge would only be kept at the then President Mugabe’s prerogative , in other words, only chosen Stalwarts could survive the cull.

This way, Mugabe effectively pulled the carpet from right under Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s feet by destroying his support base and elevating his own wife First lady Grace Mugabe. However this turned out to be his own downfall with Mnangagwa’s poisoning, near death, dismissal from Zanu pf and as Zimbabwe’s Vice President and forced exile to South Africa as Grace Mugabe, had her eyes set on succeeding her husband as Zimbabwe’s next president.

That dream did not n materialise as army generals realised that Grace Mugabe had grown too big for her boots and this bedroom coup would cost them their future once she grabbed power and she had to be stopped at all cost. The generals and the military were aligned to Mnangagwa and unleashed the military in apeaceful way with the people of Zimbabwe and typically as in politics, used the people of Zimbabwe, to remove Mugabe, elevate General Chiwenga to Vice President and Minister of Defence for Zimbabwe,, Airforce General Perrance Shiri a.k.a. Samson Bigboy Chikerema to Minister of Lands and Agriculture, and Major General Sibusiso Busi Moyo to International Minister, after forcibly retiring deposed president Mugabe, dismissing Grace Mugabe from Zanu pf and stripping her of any political power.

Zimbabweans lets always remember to these people we are , disposable, and any losses are simply acceptable nothing but just collateral damage just like in the cold war issue I have highlighted to you all. To the ‘Discerning Eye, newzimbabwe vision’, the future of Zimbabwe, beyond the 2018 ballot, is less about your vote but rather about what the real powers want!

The gukurahundi mentioned above, a genocide of unimaginable horrors inflicted by the then prime Minister eventually the deposed former Executive President of Zimbabwe in a ‘black on black’ crime, sticks out like a sore thumb to the Ndebele people of Matebeleland and Midlands. It is according to Mnangagwa at DAVOS in Switzerland an event that occured but the figures of 20,000 people killed are not true. He would say so because in the early 80s during gukurahundi, he was the Minister of State security in charge of the necessary security organisations such as CIO and others needed to execute the genocide successfully.

Mnangagwa worked with his Vice President Chiwenga who was then head of Bulawayo’s One Brigade the logistics center for all raids across Matebeleland. his other accomplice in this crime against humanity was Mugabe’s nephew Perrance Shiri a.k.a Bigboy Samson Chikerema from Mugabe’s mother Mbuya Bona’s family. Shiri was then commander of the North Korean trained Fifth Brigade which led the murderous campaign.

Mugabe rewarded Mnangagwa with alternating cabinet posts of justice Minister and Minister of state security, Perrance Shiri with the post of Airforce of Zimbabwe (AFZ) Commander and Chiwenga with the post of Commander General of the Zimbabwe national Army (ZNA).

While Zimbabweans falsely believe that the removal of Mugabe was a coup, the truth is that the real coup happened in 2008 when Mugabe lost the general election to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and with held the results for several months and refused to resign after these generals stopped him from resigning.

These same generals and Mnangagwa are the same team who enngineered mugabe’s removal and have now fully militarised the Cabinet, with Mnangagwa as the president, Chiwenga as Vice President, Shiri as Minister of lands and Sibusiso Moyo the Major General who went on air and broke out the news that Mugabe was under house arrest and the military had taken over. Moyo a wanted man for International crime in minerals stemming from DRC war where Mnangagwa and other Military figures made their millions from corruption, was rewarded with the post of International trade minister.

What victims of gukurahundi are demanding is for Mnangagwa to acknowledge gukurahundi, apologise for gukurahundi, set up a truth and reconcilliation commission, explain what happened, comnpensate victims or surviving next of kin of survivors, bring closure, peace, healing, forgiveness and unity amongst the divided Ndebele and Shona people so we can move Zimbabwe forward progressively as one.

What Zimbabwe need is for Ndebeles to accept that gukurahundi was inflicted upon the Ndebeles by a tribalist Shona Fifth Brigade and but not all Shonas support this evil upon their kith and kin. Intermarriage and peacefully living together both in Zimbabwe or across the diaspora have brought the two tribes together. We should realise that Mugabe thrived on the two tribes remaining divided as it kept Zanu pf in power at every election. Remember when Shonas and Ndebeles united as the original MDC in 1999 for the 2000 elections, the nation stood a great chance of unseating Mugabe and his Zanu pf as all that people needed was a change and if it meant voting for a tree, baboon, lamp post or letter box as opposed to voting for Mugabe, the nation was ready to do so, hence the massive support for Tsvangirai.

This shook up Mugabe and he realised the nation was broke because of the DRC war, ESAP and war veteran lump sum payouts and therefore to buy the people’s support let the Zanu pf war veterans lead the forced eviction of white commercial farmers in the early 2000s leading to the collapse of agriculture, economy and exiling of at least 6million Zimbabweans, culminating in his eventual removal from power by the same generals in November 2017 before they brought in Mnangagwa who had fled to South Africa via Mozambique.

Mnangagwa was with Mugabe for the last 54 years since the establishment of Zanu pf and people rightly say replacing Mugabe with Mnangagwa is no different from having the same old wine in anew bottle, because he granted Mugabe immunity from prosecution, awarded him a US$10million dollar pension and countless other lucrative benefits, while also stating that Mugabe is like a father to him, a mentor and someone he will always seek advice from.

Mnangagwa has already stated that there will be no postal voting from the diaspora, typical because he is aware the majority of the 6million Zimbabweans living in the wilderness across the diaspora are against Zanu pf so they would heavily upset the vote in favour of opposition.

Using the same tactics like Mugabe, he announced that Zanu pf will now establish a TV station, but we all know its because ZBC, herald and Chronicle have lost credibility because of their partisan activities having been propaganda channels for Mugabe and his Zanu pf.

It is to Mnangagwa’s advantage never to apologise for gukurahundi as it will simply always pitch Ndebeles against Shonas or vice versa and keep them divided. This way they cannot establish an opposition powerful enough to unseat Mnangagwa and Zanu pf.

Mnagagwa has in the last few weeks already distributed 52 four wheel drives to chiefs. We know that rural areas have always been Zanu pf powerhouse, where opposition and activists were stopped from voter education campaigns.

Recently again Mnangagwa deployed over 2000 soldiers to rural areas soon after giving out 52 four wheel drives to chiefs. We already can see the militarisation of rural areas, and fear being spread by Mnangagwa’s soldiers.

Seed, fertiliser, food aid, farming implements, and other assistance which should be distributed freely to all, was used as a political weapon and given only to Zanu pf supporters.

The draconian AIPPA and POSA laws have not been repealed, MDC political prisoners remain incarcerated and to date the dissappearance of prodemocracy activist and journalist Itai Dzamara, the brother of Patson Dzamara has still not been explained by Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa and the military view themselves as the defenders of the Zimbabwe nation’s freedom and legacy, so we all know, there hasnt been a change by removing Mugabe and also that these generals and Mnangagwa will not allow any democratic election as they are prepared to fight their own people for Zimbabwe again.

In Zimbabwe, party leadership whether in ‘ruining party’ or opposition is built upon divisions between the Ndebele and Shona and their constitutions are centred upon Shona and Ndebele leadership all stemming from the 1987 Unity agreement which was asettlement that halted gukurahundi raids across Matebeleland. This agreement was drawn between Mugabe’s Zanu party and Joshua Nkomo’s Zapu party.

This agreement brought false hope and understanding amongst the people of Zimbabwe as clearly seen throughout, that Ndebeles and Shonas are the two noisiest groups, hateful towards each other and continuously draw the nation back to wars before any those alive today existed round about the year ’18Vo8tsek!’. The misunderstanding brought about the agreement is partly why the Ndebele’s and Shonas assume they are to be prioritised in any leadership arrangements as if the 16 other languages recognised by the new Zimbabwe constitution don’t exit.

This is false, because they all exist and can equally participate in politics and development in Zimbabwe and abroad including party leadership, MP, cabinet mister, President or vice President positions if only the Shona and Ndebele realise they are no more special than others and allow the nation to move forward as one. Mugabe always thrived on the hatred and divisions between the two and continuously used it to his advantage through divide and rule tactics.

Look at the original powerful MDC with Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube united. It was again centred on the Shona and Ndebele leadership ffrom the time of the then Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) with Zimbabwean politician and trade unionist, the late Gibson Jama Sibanda a founding member of the Movement for Democratic Change, Aurthur Mutambara and Tendai Biti all united. The same Ndebele and Shona differences and the gukurahundi issue are the focus of the current MDC T leadership differences amongst supporters over Tsvangirai taking nelson Chamisa, his personal choice and making him the leader to act while he focuses on is treament for cancer.

The struggle for democratic freedom became an uphill task as Chamisa is an unelected representative to the post of MDC T vice president whereas the party president the Ndebele , Thokozani Khuphe was elected to the post of vice president so, sidelining her, sends a powerful and negative message to the Ndebele people about what value they have in politics which is simply that their support and numbers are needed for opposition to win across Bulawayo and Matebeleland. Ndebele and Shona differences are not only in the ‘ruining party’ but opposition too.

Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats celebrate when they see the divisions in MDC T and enjoy because with abroken up opposition, the opposition MDC Alliance are divided and will not create a formidable opposition to unseat Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats.

People of Zimbabwe, the days of ndebele and Shona divisions are over and we should see that these two groups are the reason why Mugabe managed to rule Zimbabwe for 37 years and if the same hatred continues, then Zanu pf! Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats will rule until ‘donkeys grow horns!’ Lets unite and work together to unseat a common evil, Zanu pf! Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must all go!

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