ZIMBABWEANS CONTINUE TO SUFFER FROM CASH SHORTAGES AND BANK QUEUES while the deposed Former President Robert Mugabe is said to have been paid in cash for years.

Mugabe’s salary was delivered in cash to his office and the former president has demanded that the same arrangement should be place in the disbursement of a pension lump sum of nearly half a million dollars (US$467,200 ) and monthly pension payments of over US$13 000 to him in cash too.
All this cash would readily flow to Mugabe while people working in his cabinet, civil servants, pensioners and the ordinary people never knew when their wages would be received and even then, it was just afigure on the pay slip and no money in the bank,
The deposed former president Robert Mugabe was receiving monthly cash payments of US$20 000 as Head of State and Government, at a time when the suffering ordinary Zimbabweans would sleep on days at a time in bank queues on end just to receive US $20 from banks.
Former First Lady Mrs Grace Mugabe is also getting a comfortable monthly payment US$2 170 from the Zimbabwe government and since her husband was forcibly removed from government in November 2017, Robert Mugabe has received a total of approximately US$80 000 in pension, while the former First Lady Grace Mugabe has received approximately US$8 680 as follows, US$2 170 in November and December 2017, and January and February 2018. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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