Zimbabwe’s Acting Prosecutor General, orders the arrest of Professor Jonathan Moyo


The Acting Prosecutor General Advocate Ray Goba is keen to expedite the arrest of the accused Minister of Tertiary and Higher Education, Professor Jonathan Moyo.

Advocate Ray Goba, has gone ahead and directed the Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri to swiftly complete all the relevant paperwork relating to Professor Jonathan Moyo so he can be hauled to court to answer charges of corruption, money laundering and abusing approximately US$500 000 of Zimbabwe Development Fund (Zimdef).

The Acting Prosecutor General is convinced that there is a strong case against the Professorand he should be charged with defeating the course of justice through his c public conduct and utterances which are allegedly adequate testimony of his guilt. In a matter of public interest, the Acting Prosecutor General therefore has directed that within 48 hours of issuing his directive on the Police Commissioner General, the police crime docket relating to Professor Moyo should be completed as Jonathan Moyo and his subordinates are guilty.

This could be a breakthrough that the nation needs as it will force Jonathan Moyo, into defensive mode to divulge all the corruption by Zanu PF stalwarts, Securocrats and senior government officials including the president himself. Remember Jonathan Moyo is not a people’s favourite, being the man behind the draconian AIPPA and POSA which together destroyed independant media, led to the torture and arrests of journalists and forced many journalists into exile, while sealing off the ruraral areas from opposition and activists access for campaigns.

Jonathan Moyo, is also the man behind the Zanu pf ‘NIKUV’ manifesto for 31st July 2013. At a time when Mugabe was teetering on leaving office and Zanu pf losing the election as Democrats were set to take over, Jonathan Moyo swiftly changed that by breathing life into a dying out Zanu PF regime. Today, Zimbabwe is on its knees due to a collapsed economy, collapsed agriculture, massive corruption, no Service Delivery in Housing, Education, Employment, transports and other key areas all stemming from Jonathan Moyo’s misguided allegiance to his master, President Robert Mugabe, who unfortunately this time seems unable to stop the empire from collapsing on top of Jonathan Moyo,…sit back and enjoy the free show,..DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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