‘Zimbabwe’s Booming, Charismatic Churches Could Boost Tourism’-Mnangagwa

VICE president Emmerson Mnangagwa says the charismatic churches that have flooded the country could boost the local tourism industry if they participate in local shows such as the Harare International Carnival.

Mnangagwa was speaking during the carnival reception to welcome participants at this year event held at the Mayoral Mansion Thursday afternoon.

“Papal tours elsewhere have changed the world; we have our local prophetic equivalents here with a huge following that can forever change the traditional mindset on carnivals.

“Which means the Christian faithful can hold communal festivals marked by laughter, eating and drinking in order to get rid of all the “forbidden” rich foods they would have had just before the lent.

“Hundreds of years ago followers of Catholic religion in Italy started the tradition of wild costume festival right before the first day of lent.”

Lent is a 40-day period of feasting and penitence observed by many Christians in preparation for Easter.

Mnangagwa said Germany, Australia and many European countries practice this culture up to this very day.

The VP also said the carnival can also be used to teach the people how to save power.

“Enablers such as energy floats can be used to explain to the nation our current challenges in meeting demand against the backdrop of the climate change which has undermined hydroelectric generations.

“This can be followed by floats on our local renewable or clean energy solutions that include solar and biomass power generation among others,” said Mnangagwa.

Among the many charismatic prophets who have large followings in Zimbabwe are Emmanuel Makandiwa of United Family International Church (UFIC), Walter Magaya of Prophetic Healing Deliverance (PHD), Fresh Fire and Miracles Ministry (FFMM)’s Desmond Parirerwa as well as United Pentecostal Church (UPC)’s Livias Moyo.

This year’s carnival started on the first week of September and will end on the 31st on this month. source-newzimbabwe


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