ZIMBABWE’S FORMER DJs ERIC KNIGHT AND EZRA TSHISA SIBANDA have reportedly announced that they want return home to Zimbabwe and work for the new Government dispensation led by President Emmerson as he is walking the talk on his promises to Zimbabwe.

They have reportedly said, “To us, when opposition opposes even what is right for the country, then it is no longer opposition but selfishness and enemity. Zimbabwe does not need that but it needs a spirit of unity to prevail. The media should be a catalyst in ensuring such. It is indeed a new and fresh dispensation that we are in now.”
They applauded President Mnangagwa for redefining leadership. “ED has re-defined the art of leadership, just look around at how people are free to express themselves. Freedom of speech and freedom after speech were unheard of during the old dispensation.
Ezra Sibanda “We don’t subscribe to the dogma of opposing just for the sake of opposing. As professionals we are pleased with the efforts, honesty and work ethics of the new dispensation and every sensible Zimbabwean should be also. We all have an important role in the revival of Zimbabwe.
“We want to see a reformed media landscape that will ensure that State and private media regain the confidence that they lost over the years. The new dispensation has all the ingredients for that.
“Not only that, we are very much aware of the efforts at hand to revive industries, meaning sooner or later, the problem of unemployment will be resolved.
“These and many others are the reasons we believe that fellow Zimbabweans must support the new dispensation, it’s not about individuals but a nation,” further reads the statement from the DJs. They urged all Zimbabweans across the globe to start working for their country.
“Withstanding the foregoing, we would strongly appeal to fellow professionals in the media, private sector, medical professionals and all skilled citizens scattered across the world, it is time to consider working for your country . Do not dwell too much on the past. Your memory takes you backwards, your vision takes you forward. We will always be available to serve our country in an capacity. Under ED, it is indeed a new dispensation.” By Sibusiso Ngwenya-Source – herald

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