ZIMBABWE’S idea of women in power is not in sync with those of the global village,..still stuck in the cavemen era,.wake up Zimbabwe!

ZIMBABWE’S idea of women in power is not in sync with those of the global village,..still stuck in the cavemen era,.wake up Zimbabwe!
MDC T’s failure to elevate elected Vice President of MDC T Dr Thokozani Khuphe is a highly emotional issue for Zimbabweans after Tsvangirai clearly chose the youthful Nelson Chamisa to run MDC t affairs including MDC T elections in the run up to the long awaited 2018 ballot. While some prefer Chamisa, the issue that still stands in most Zimbabweans hearts is, what does it mean about a leader anointing a successor,..are we back to the same Mugabe Zanu pf rot where the dictator could not be questioned for fear of being labelled as sellouts?
Futhermore what image are we selling toi the rest of the world about the level of democracy or rather lack of it in our parties and effectively leaders if we chose to discard party policy and act on personal choices by leaders in selecting successors instead of them being voted in by the people and democratic systems in place?
Last but not least. what message are we again as a people of Zimbabwe sending out to the world with respect to women? Is this obvious disregard for women in power, rail roading anointed successors in and sidelining women, indicative of a long standing decadent culture of opression of women in our society?
What message are we sending out to the girl child when a woman leader who dared stand tall amongst men in MDC T to reach an elected level of VP of MDC T, a woman who studied again in a society more open to male study, to attain a doctrate and one who dares fight for the people of Zimbabwe? This is an era where we should now be ready for any leader, any race,gender or tribe and not still be foolishly thinking women should be relegated to household chores only like baby sitting, cooking, washing, firewood search and ironing. Women are our equals, leaders of tomorrow, mothers of tomorrow and they should be afforded equal opportunity in everything we do in our society.
What women politicians in Zimbabwe should push for is to attract more support for women leaders, considering that the majority of our electorate are women, therefore any politician needs the women’s vote to make it, is simply decampaign leaders who oppress women and withdraw the female vote, yes we need change but not at the expense of progressive development. This is a great opportunity for society to unite and speak with one voice about equality, equal opportunities, freedom, peace, justice and democracy for women in our society, Pulling down fellow women simply means Zimbabwe’s idea of women in power is not in sync with those of the global village,..still stuck in the cavemen era,.wake up Zimbabwe!
As inappropriate as this may sound, lest you forget, the power of the bedroom coup, look how close Grace Mugabe came to being Zimbabwe’s next President. The difference I urge those who can influence positive change is to seek to develop a nation, promote, peace, equality, unity, love , respect, prosperity, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights, and so, if sexual favours can be withdrawn in a relationship and strong sanctions on such benefits imposed by many women in relationships then maybe push for real change using your power. No equality no vote! Its not for you, its for all our descendants,and children…bring real change to the table, by influencing opinion in respectful relations, teach your partners, children, kith and kin about equality so that we can move a generation forward, as we are already almost four decades behind because of deposed former president Mugabe’s dictatorship since 18 April 1980 at independance.
As Zimbabwens lets not hide behind a finger and trivialise gender development by focusing on Khuphe or claiming we are seeking to remove Mnangagwa so lets sideline women for now.
Look at the bigger picture, women in power, the girl child and how best women can contrinute to our society, develop the nation and rebuild Zimbabwe. Any woman who dares rise up against oppressive authority by men raised to look down upon women or who live in fear of being led by the fairer gender, is in my book, a heroine.
Men should stop being threatened by the rise of women in power but rather should align themselves to think progressively and work together to achieve equality. Gender equality should start from an early development in childhood in homes, schools through to work, marriage, family life, community, church, entertainment, sport, local authority, national, and international issues..wake up Zimbabwe! We are through with the Mugabe must go era and people never thought it could happen but it did, lets disregard, tribe and other irrelevant matters and  focus on No equality no vote!
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