ZIMBABWE’S PRESIDENT-ELECT Emmerson Mnangagwa SAYS THERE WILL BE NO INCLUSIVE GOVERNMENT (GNU) when he appoints his new Cabinet after inauguration on 12 August 2018, as it is not necessary

ZIMBABWE’S PRESIDENT-ELECT Emmerson Mnangagwa SAYS THERE WILL BE NO INCLUSIVE GOVERNMENT (GNU) when he appoints his new Cabinet after inauguration on 12 August 2018, as it is not necessary, because the ruling Zanu-PF party got a comfortable two thirds majority in Parliament with 145 seats out of the 210 contested seats in Zimbabwe’e harmonised elections on 30 July 2018..
Mnangagwa went on to say, “In 1964 Harold Wilson of Britain had one seat, beating the Conservatives by one seat and he formed a Government and ruled England and I have two thirds majority and you are talking about me abandoning my two thirds majority to set a Government of National Unity?
Mnangagwa stated that the harmonised elections were, a free, fair and transparent process though the opposition, principally MDC-Alliance, was always making threats of violence even during the campaigning period.
MDC-Alliance was inciting violence even during the time of campaigning although during that time no violence occurred. That is their identity,” he said. “Their identity is that of violence.”
Emmerson Mnangagwa went on to say that he does not regret the land reform programme.
Zimbabwe’s armed forces chief General Philip Valerio Sibanda has demanded to know from President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa, his advisers and intelligence chiefs who ordered the army last week to shoot at protesters and why he wasn’t informed about the decision that left six people dead in the capital, Harare. He raised serious questions about what I have warned Zimbabweans about,….’who controls the security forces’
I have warned readers that the Zimbabwe military, removed Mugabe, brought Mnangagwa back from South Africa and stopped the police from arresting the Rtd, Gen Vice President Chiwenga K MNANGAGWA FROM FORCED EXILE, and stopped police from arresting now Rtd Gen Vice president Chiwenga , clearly under the orders of a few securocrats, the real power behind the Operation Legacy coup., the ones whom General Philip Valerio Sibanda is demanding to know about.
Zimbabweans should realise that the military shot dead 6 people last week , not on Mnangagwa or Chiwenga’s orders as the two are desperate to validate their presidency through an election mandate and court the West and rebuild foreign relations and open up Zimbabwe to foreign investment. Mnangagwa and Chiwenga would not be the people who gave the order for the military to shoot six people dead , last week
The people’s concern should be to identify, who exactly is pulling the strings quietly behind the scenes as Mnangagwa is typically a puppet in this whole circus and must just run with their calls .
Let us all remember that Mugabe and Grace are not happy with his forced removal from power, know that Mnangagwa needs the west and they have a fair share of disgruntled soldiers in their support who are willing to listen to them and scupper Mnangagwa’s rise through such devious acts like the shooting of 6 people dead,…discuss! by Sibusiso Ngwenya. Zimbabwe is now a fully fledged military state,…wake up Zimbabwe!
A UK legislator , Labour MP Kate Hoey, who also chairs the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Zimbabwe reportedly said on Twitter on Monday that vice president Constantino Chiwenga must go after post-election violence blamed on the military which left six people dead and many others injured after last week’s harmonised elections, failing which there should be no change the West’s policy on Harare. More news to follow.
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