Zimbabwe’s Presidential Affairs Minister Joram Gumbo, who was arrested on Monday, allegedly prejudiced Gvnt of US$3,7 million.

According to a charge sheet, Gumbo’s alleged shady deals involved Zimbabwe Airways, an airline that was to supersede national carrier Air Zimbabwe.
Another charge emerged from his reinstatement of ex-Central Mechanical and Equipment Department managing director Davison Mhaka who was being investigated over a fuel scam in 2015.
Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission investigators are questioning him. He is expected in court on Tuesday.
Count 1
2013 CMED flighted a tender to procure fuel worth USD 2,7 million. The tender was won by and awarded to a company called First Oil Company. The company failed to deliver despite having received payment from CMED.
In 2015 the CMED board suspended CMED Managing Director to pave way for investigation into the First Oil case. Mhaka was found guilty of two counts of misconduct.

The CMED board recommended Mhaka’s dismissal at the end of 2015 Dr Joram Gumbo overturned the Disciplinary authority’s decision and ordered that Mhaka be reinstated.
Mhaka was reinstated with full benefits, as per Gumbo’s directive, causing the state to suffer USD $2,7 million.
Count 2
As Transport Minister Dr Gumbo is alleged to have caused the formation of Zimbabwe Airways Dr Gumbo allegedly single handedly picked his sister Mavis Gumbo’s house in Chishawasha Hills for use as the Headquarters for Zimbabwe Airways.
On 10 August 2017 Dr Gumbo requested USD $1 million from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe purportedly for salaries of employees and office rentals. The money was transferred to Zimbabwe Airways Account RBZ current account number 2000003428.
On August 2017 Dr Gumbo allegedly directed that the money should be used to rent and renovate the purported Zimbabwe Airways offices. Dr Gumbo is alleged to have further caused Zimbabwe Airways to enter into a property agreement for rental of Mavis Gumbo’s Chishawasha Hills house.
On 12 September 2017 Zimbabwe Airways deposited USD $1 million into Maclaten Holdings, Standard Chartered Account number 8700216819900. Maclaten Holdings is owned by Clara Rachael Mudzami who is Mavis Gumbo’s daughter. The Government was prejudiced of USD $1 million which was never recovered. Source – ztn

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