Zimbabwe’s Weather Predictions Heavily Compromised By The Zanu PF Led Disastrous Land Reform Programme

In what is an open admission to one of the major disasters created by the murderous, racist white farm eviction programme led by Mugabe’s  war veterans  in the early 2000, the Meteorological Services Department now says that Zimbabwe’s weather predictions  are flawed because they have been massively compromised in perfomance.

This all stems from the fact that Zimbabwe had a great network of volunteer weather stations distributed across the commercial farming sector, which were all unfortunately destroyed by the disastrous land reform programme.

There was a sharp fall in  volunteer weather stations which were , in general manned by the evicted former white commercial farmers who actually held the basic required  training by Zimbabwe’s government in how to interpret and use the data accrued from the weather forecasting equipment.

The voluntary yet necessary daily recording and submission of data pertaining to the weather ,  to the meteorological department for analysis is no more as the Zanu PF led land reform programme resulted in a drop from over 3,000 volunteer weather stations that the Zimbabwe had up and running down to just about  415 today even though we still have about  859 in existence .

The new  land owners or farmers were clueless as to the need for volunteer  submission of weather data ,  untrained and unable to use  the then available instruments , not prepared to take responsibility for the equipment after land demarcation.

The  ministry of Agriculture, and Technical Extension Services  (AGRITEX) would train volunteers in the use of the weather equipment, data recording and submission of weather patterns but the turn over of trained volunteers as they left for greener pastures after the collapse of agriculture in Zimbabwe, meant that there was no continuity in the exercise, a fact exacerbated by the lack of government resources for continuous training of new volunteers at the  stations .

Weather equipment is also in a dilapidated state through lack of use, vandalism and theft at unmanned and now obsolete stations.

To the discerning eye, the Zanu PF regime, responsible for the collapse of agriculture and thus the lack of proper weather forecast would indirectly be responsible for failure to predict and properly plan for the fall in Kariba dam water levels and a typical excuse for the current nationwide power cuts in Zimbabwe because of the inability of the Kariba Hydro power station to perform at required levels.

We were recently warned to brace for further power cuts towards the end of 2015 into early 2016 as the Kariba dam water levels fall further. by Sibusiso Ngwenya.

photo-MP Chinotimba, the former city council security guard and self styled commander of the Zanu PF war veterans led grab.


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