Zipra scavenge at Ngozi mine, in a free Zimbabwe yet others build 52 – bedroomed houses-‘Its painful. Ah! Zwakaoma’-Joice Mujuru

Following the blocking of a Zim People First address set for Ntabazinduna by Zimbabwe republic Police (ZRP),  on Saturday, the Zim People First interim leader, Zimbabwe’s fired vice president , former Zanu PF Joice Mujuru travelled to Gwanda, where she told supporters that she was shocked by what she witnessed in Bulawayo.

She was addressing Zim People First supporters at Gwanda’s Pelandaba stadium.  Mujuru said that on Friday she had taken the opportunity to visit  Ngozi Mine on the outskirts of Bulawayo.

At Bulawayo’s  Ngozi mine she witnessed ex Zipra war veterans who fought the hard won  18 April 1980 Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle for independance  basically  surviving through food  scavenging.

She literally said its a painful sight 36 years into independance yet other people in Zimbabwe are basically building up to 52 – bedroomed houses to live in. By Sibusiso Ngwenya


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