ZRP Chief Press &PR Officer ‘Charity Charamba’ Warns Cops, ‘Chihuri Is Above Courts’ ?

ZRP chief Press and PR officer Charity Charamba has warned members of the force against taking Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri to the High Court, saying they were wasting their time.

Charamba said Chihuri was the final court of appeal in matters involving non-commissioned members.

Her warning follows media reports that a number of cops were approaching the High Court after they were disciplined for under performance, corruption and for failing to act on reports from members of the public.

Charamba said the jurisdiction of the High Court cannot apply in this situation.

“ZRP will not brook any indiscipline by officers and members who may cheat themselves by embarking on criminal activities hopping to get away through hook and crook,” Charamba said in a statement.

“Let them be warned that they will face the music and they will have themselves to blame and not the Commissioner General.”

She added that Chihuri, according to Section 22 of the Constitution, had the powers to oversee the “superintendence and control of the police force; to appoint fit and proper persons to be members and to promote, suspend, reduce in rank or discharge any member…”

“The Commissioner General of Police, in executing this function, does not exercise his powers of managing discipline indiscriminately but within the permissible limits of the law”.

Charamba mentioned John Ndalama, Constable Jani based at Mamina who was accused of soliciting for a $20 bribe and Constable Tamanikwa, Assistant Inspector Jangara, who were either transferred, reduced in rank or fired for various reasons.

She also accused some sections of the media for sympathising with ZRP officers bent on tarnishing the image of the force. source-newzimbabwe

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