AIR ZIM with two repoted missing planes, also faces ownership wrangle with Britain’s Isle of Man company South Jet One Ltd over the ownership of two Airbus A320 plane

AIR ZIMBABWE REPORTED TO HAVE TWO MISSING PLANES, also faces ownership wrangle with Britain’s Isle of Man company South Jet One Ltd over the ownership of two Airbus A320 planes which the Air Zimbabwe, alleges were given as a a donation, back in 2013. The Airbus A320 are 150 seater short to medium range narrow body commercial passenger twin engine jet airliners
However, , says that Zimbabwe is just a laughing stock of the world as it recently became clear that the Bulawayo City Council Tower Block is not registered to Bulawayo City council and the famous Bulawayo Thermal power station cooling towers, were dispossed of by Zesa withot the authority or knowledge of the Bulawayo city council , as deeper exposures about the majority of infrastructure in Zimbabwe either having been sold off without authority or not actually owned by the councils or government any longer. This sadly includes buildings, dams, roads, bridges and other valuable structures whose real ownership will eventually be revealed after documents have long since disappeared or been destroyed.

Remember in January 2019, Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) opened an investigation into 23 MDC councillors and two National Assembly members implicated in a US$60 million tender scandal and revealed council minutes, tender documents, maps and policy documents, showed, that council awarded a US$59, 6 million tender to Terracotta without following proper procedure

We already know that farms, mines, businesses have ownership dispute issues after the controversial murderous removal of white owners by the hostile brutal Mugabe regime, who knows maybe Zimbabwe doesnt really exist any more after being sold off in massive land tracts to international buyers afrter the cheap land and wealth from illegitimate Zanu pf regimes including mugabe and Mnangagwa Zanu pf regimes,..Im just saying!
Thats how corruption is legitimised by a system and how most Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf regime cartels, government officials and thieves have made millions while Zimbabweans suffered.can report that the two planes in ownership dispute are, one plane parked at the Robert Mugabe International Airport since the alleged donation and the other one parked at South Africa’s OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, where it has been for repairs and maintenance since 2013, still not paid for by Air Zimbabwe.
According to Air Zimbabwe officials the two controversial planes were donated to the Zimbabwe Government by authorities from the Isle of Man who, then passed the planes to Air Zimbabwe. Documents seen by the Zimbabwe Independent, indicate that the planes are registered in the name of South Jet One Ltd which is registered in the Isle of Man in Britain, a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea.
South Jet One Ltd Legal Practitioners are Sawyer and Mkushi whose founding partner Honour Mkushi said Air Zimbabwe has no basis on which it can lay claim, given that the planes are registered in the South JetOne’s name.
“I represent South Jet One they are my clients. The two aircraft belong to South Jet and they are not operating at the moment because there are a lot of arears to be paid in respect of the rentals. So in a nutshell the aircraft belong to them. If the airplanes were theirs how could they fail to service them?” said Mkushi.
“My client is really trying to sort out the financial burdens of Air Zimbabwe and we are negotiating and I’m sure we will be able to come up with an amicable solution.”
An Air Zimbabwe senior official said the planes were a donation but they could not access the planes’ software.
“The Airbuses were a donation which was made to the Government of Zimbabwe which then gave the planes to Air Zimbabwe. But what we have to sort out are the donation papers so that we are able to use them. They are due for tests and we cannot service them because we need access to the software and computer platform,” the official said.
“The access is closed because it is saying you (Air Zimbabwe) are not the owner. So we want to resolve this ownership issue so that we are able to use those Airbuses. One is here and the other is in South Africa for maintenance.”
The official said it was important to resolve the ownership to enable Air Zimbabwe to fly the planes.
“Locally the planes are registered under Government of Zimbabwe but internationally they are registered in another name. So when you try to access the plane’s software it just says access denied. So we are also trying to access the required documentation,” the official said..Sibusiso Ngwenya, source – the independent
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