BREAKING NEWS: Dr Thokozani Khupe the ex-Zim deputy PM has officially announced that she is now the President of the MDC-T.

This announcement came after the high court ruled that Khuphe is the rightful heir to the founding President Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. placing her back as the leader of MDC-T .
Khuphe swiftly stated that “There is therefore an urgent need for dialogue between all parties mentioned in this court order including the applicant on how we can implement it.”
“To achieve this we have instructed our legal counsel to engage the other party’s lawyers so that we can dialogue and together map a way forward. This offer is being made without prejudice but let it be on record that in the event that the other parties are not forthcoming we are still open to other legal remedies.”
This is a developing story, as the high court judgement ruled that Chamisa is an illegitimate MDC party president. Mnangagwa now has the opposition right where he needed them, confused, fighting amongst themselves rather than ganging up against him, I always said that, Chamisa’s decision to usurp powere was a big mistake and would be costly to MDC, look how it broke up the party and Khuphe left with a large following . The two leaders Khuphe and Chamisa should have united and pulled all resources together such as their followers against Mnangagwa. As it stands right now, according to the high court judgemet, MDC Chamisa Harvest House will lose property and be cleaned out as Obert Gutu has already warmed. MDC is boke and cannot afford such a hammering. more news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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